Friday, January 18, 2013

Is it safe to invest from ismadsincome and ricanadfunds?

Ismadsincome launch five (5) months ago when admin of this program introduced to me that he is the owner. I registered without doubt because he is one of my friends in other social networking sites for more than two (2) years. I invested $200 from this program since 1st week of launch without doubt in this program. He sent personal message in my facebook that this program launch before and won for less than three (3) months. This is my status up to date and set to 100% repurchasing / compounding ad units;

- ISMADSINCOME (PAYING) - compounding 100% 
Investment: $200 
ROI (Return of Investment): $412.58 in profit

After a month, admin created again a new program called ricanadfunds which you can earn for 2% daily for 125 days. But do you know that four (4) months paying online from this program is already dead? I'm monitoring this program since at the beginning that's why when I saw that the PURCHASES is higher than the PAID withdrawals this program is already stop paying if they don't have another program. I posted screen shoot for the status of this program:


Purchases: $619, 890.00
- PAID: $699, 786.87
- $79, 896.87

Why this program still paying?

In the report sales of this program they lost money already for a total of $79, 896.87 which the money from ricanadfunds using this program to pay from members. Both programs have the same admin that's why it is still survive until now because of back up program that already successful. I wonder someday is this program will close because they using the money from ricanadfunds.

Ricanadfunds is already successful program because it passes 18,000+ members already and have a total sales of $3,000,000+ up to date. My status from this program;

- RICANADFUNDS (PAYING) - compounding 100% 
Investment: $300 
ROI (Return of Investment): $657.30 in profit

MATH is the best tools how could you get your investment easy from programs. People don't understand the computation of ROI (Return of Investment) from ever program that's why most afraid to invest from those risky programs especially in HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs). You could also know the life of the program when will become stop paying. Let's compute the total sales from both programs:

Purchases: $3,396, 030.00
- PAID: $2, 536,514.90
$859, 515.10

This program still paying from members due to high sales. If we will compute the losses of the program ismadsincome, this will be the result;

- ISMADSINCOME: $79, 896.87

If you ask members if it is still safe from this program they will say YES. Of course, they are networker and they don't like a negative result from the program they joining. The program still paying when many members are joining and invest. Less members will join the program will die because they are not a real MLM (Multi Level Marketing) that they have no involve product so that the company will stay for years. Most of these programs are money involve that's why if few members will join the program will become scam early.

For me it is still safe to invest this month of January and February because the sales is still higher even they loosing money from old program. Those members joined in pre-launch they are all in profit. But those still joining and invest in the program they are starting to built income. Early birds are always a winner from those high risk programs.

Good luck for those who are starting in this program............

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