Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Right5 confirmed as SCAM

Right5 confirmed as scam; 48 hours had passed for processing of withdrawal request; it means they stopped paying. There are some programs launch that they had the same script and design; maybe admin created a new program already. In terms of HYIP, any program passed with the processing time of withdrawal request it is already scam because admin break his/her rules. What is the used of FAQ page of the program if the withdrawal request is not processing in exact time?

These are the following programs that I got paid today: felmina, bensonunion (instant-waiting status), eurextrade (instant), newgni, themoneygalaxy (instant), ricanadfunds, avo and uinvest.

Scam programs update: right5.com, developmentalatlantic.com, deppro.biz, 711finance.com, lyxormanagement.com, financefundstore.com, availfund.com, benefit20days.com, bluewayinvestment.com, jayinvest.com, universal-finance.com, success-planet.com, singlestepinvest.com, profitsurge.biz, and profita.biz

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