Monday, October 15, 2012

Right5 is in waiting status!

Right5 is in waiting status (pending withdrawals); two (2) months paying. One of the HYIP blogger asked why the withdrawals is pending, this is the answered of right5 admin:

Hi (name) facing some technical issues and currently working on them. However, if people start talking as scam, we will pull the plug and game will be over indeed. Thanks!

I received today my 2nd monthly shares from uinvest, request withdrawal for my income. I got also update news from themoneygalaxy that payza is now not accepted from this program. You can exchange it through egopay and solidtrustpay payment processors. The same with ricanadfunds, I requested withdrawal today from this program. As of now I got paid from bensonunion (instant-waiting status) and avo.

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