Saturday, November 2, 2013

Stardc is Scam


Nothing is new in my blog just want to say that I received payments two days ago from those programs deltatraders (PM), browsgroup (PM), and eurasianasset (PM). As of this days, those top programs that I missed are empfinance, mutualwealth, topcapitalist, and rfigrp. These are old programs but still paying until now even LR is already finally gone. I just looking for new good programs this month of November. My blog is already reached three (3) years even it is deleted for the old ones. As long as I am here in online world this is still active even 2-3x for updating a week.

My payments from the following programs yesterday are eurasianasset (PM), browsgroup (PM), keystoneloansdivision (egopay), and deltatraders (PM). There is no good news from the program called uinvest. My withdrawal is almost a week but still pending requested through perfect money processor.


Invoil and biofuture are medium term plans that still paying from investors. Lack of funds or never fund to much from my processors to secure my money so that it will not happened again from LR shutdown story. Building your own programs is very good strategy to survive in online world. I got paid only today from both programs eurasianasset (PM), and deltatraders (PM). The new long term called program called inside-forex is still pending if I will invest because my support ticket is not answering. I have two (2) support ticket already since last week but no one answered.

Stardc is officially scam. I played only one round and won few bucks of dollars in this program. I have small investment of $85 through perfect money program then won for almost a month. Thirty bucks is enough to recover some of my losses. This is my income result:

Investment: $85
ROI (Return of Investment): $115.62 in profit
WON - $30.62

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