Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stronginv is Scam


Stronginv turned to scam. In HYIP Industry, promises always failed. There's no real even short and long term HYIP as long as admin will stop paying from investors. The only way to make money is proper timing for investing in a program. I failed from this program and lost $31.32 from my investment of $100. Add new programs and forget the passed old ones. This is my total income result:

Investment: $100
ROI (Return of Investment): $68.68
LOST - $31.32

I received payment from eurasianasset (PM) two days ago and yesterday same with the program called browsgroup (PM). Inwiqu is same investment plan for 20% per month from the program deltatraders that still paying for more than 5 months already. I passed because there is no english version of this program that I missed for another source of income.


I got paid today from browsgroup (PM), deltatraders (PM), and eurasianasset (PM). There is still no result from my withdrawal in uinvest. I will inform you if got paid from this program. The only way to get paid from this program if it is already sold from your offer from others. It is like exchanger that offering encashment of balance in your account. I will add again new programs next month for another source of income.

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