Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hourlychicpay is Paying: received my 50% ROI (Return of Investment) from this program today


I got paid today from adhitprofits (2x), hourlychicpay, secureassets, earningalliance, goldalliancefund, and briscofund (2x). As you can see, I have no active deposit already from the program called malaysian-inc but still receiving payments due to some of my referrals reinvested from there principal returned. This is still hot program but no active deposit already since my 4th expired. Admin of unitedpaycheck keep lying about the updates and still no good news about the LR withdrawals. When a program stop paying from one processor it is considered as problem status or others said it is scam because they didn't get paid from pending withdrawals. Members and I still waiting for the features about changing processors to another so that we used to withdraw it in other processors but nothing is new about this updates. I received an update news today about the program called hourlychicpay;



Dear members

As you know we have amazingly had your accompaniment specially since starting HCP and we appreciate that.
We are achieving 20,000 members on HCP at it will happen very soon. Also our Alexa rank has come down below 30K which is really wonderful given it is still less than 3 weeks from start.

In order to thank you for being such a fantastic members, we would like to announce the next round of our "zero deposit fee" promotion which starts when the number of members reaches to 20,000.
As soon as the total members indicator turns in to 20,000 on the homepage of HCP, the promotion begins and will continue until it reaches to 25,000.

As you see the member numbers has grown up rapidly and it would not take long to hit 25K, so be quick and do not lose this chance.

Kind regards
HCP Support


I got my 50% investment today from the program called hourlychicpay for my 11th payment received.  My total amount invested from this program is $273.24 with re-purchase few shares. This program running 14 days already with total of more than 20 thousands registered members. This is the income status of this program;

Investment: $273.24
ROI (Return of Investment): $145.04

These are the following programs that I got paid: secureassets, earningalliance, goldalliancefund, hourlychicpay, malaysian-inc (1 minute 22 seconds), and neomutual. (2x). The short term HYIP called turned to problem status, stay away from this program.

Some monitoring sites cheating investors because the truth they don't have deposit amount from every programs they had. In the other hand, this is good for those newbie in online because most programs receiving referral commissions even you don't have a real money. Those programs that minimum withdrawals is $1 for every processors is easy to earn as long as your active for promoting programs. I used this kind of job before when I'm starting online even joining investment programs.

Earningalliance celebrating six weeks online today based from update news that I received came from admin. Here is the letter I received came from my email;



Dear partners,

After a great week for Earning Alliance and its investors, we are sending you our 6th newsletter full of great topics!

Best regards,
Richard Hayden

Goals completed

Our last week's goals were not directly for our investors but for our traders and marketing department. As promissed, our traders managed to make over $10k in profit in the DAX 30 (Germany's top 30 companies) as you can see in the trading activity section below and our marketing department bought wider advertisements on top forums like MMG, TalkGold and in over 15 online investments monitors.

New goals

This week's goals are to have 2200 registered members and $120k in total investments. We currently have about 1800 registered investors and a little over $100k in investments so I think these goals will be completed in a matter of days!

Market News

Germany's positive balance of trade announcement increased the value of most European funds at the beginning of week and the up trend continued for pretty much the whole week. Germany announced a growth of 1.2% on their industrial production in March, the biggest of the past 12 months and the market was actually waiting for decrease of 0.1%. Since our goals for the past week were to have $10k in profits from a german fund, our goals were easily achieved!

Trading Activity

The page below show most of our moves in the past week, we also included a few stock trades this week and will try to include more in the upcoming weeks to give you a wider idea of our trading activity.


Some of you may not know but our Facebook page is managed my me, administrator of Earning Alliance and not by our support operators so if you need a quick answer, don't hesitate to write on our Facebook page and I'll do my best to answer all your requests!

Accepting new representatives

This week, we would like to welcome to new representatives to Earning Alliance: Fernando from the French Guiana and Nick from Kenya, welcome aboard! Also, don't forget that you can still apply to become a representative, we don't have a fixed goal of how many representatives will be a part of our team but since our selection process is not easy, we are constantly accepting new applications!

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