Thursday, May 23, 2013

Earningalliance is Paying: Two months online


These are the following programs that I got paid today: secureassets, adhitprofits, briscofund, goldalliancefund, malaysian-inc (17 seconds and 43 seconds), and neomutual (2x). As you can see, I have no active investments already from both programs adhitprofits and malaysian-inc but still receiving payments due to some of my referrals trying there luck for re-investing or repurchasing.

Earningalliance successful for paying two (2) months online with 7th weekly newsletter came from admin. This program reached over 2200 members with 120 k deposits stated in newsletter came from email. Here is the full information:

UPDATE NEWS: Earning Alliance takes the top!

Dear partners,

 Approaching our second month online, here is the 7th version of our weekly newsletter. We appreciate the positive feedback from you so far!

Thank you for being a part of Earning Alliance,

Richard Hayden

Goals completed

Our goals for the past week were to have 2200 registered members and $120k and both goals were surpassed in over 30%!

New goals

Our goals are now to have, by May 29th, 20 registered representatives and $25k in profits from the DAX30 Index funds, another big challenge for our trading department that will certainly be achieved! We will keep you posted via our activity trade page.

Market News

Following last week’s trend, the European stock market got stronger after announcements made by the European Central bank showing a new record of commercial superavit (1.8%) in March. In America, the stock market went down but remained stable after speculations concerning the end of the stock buying program by the Federal Reserve. The market remained stable as several positive reports from corporations in the USA compensated the decrease caused by these speculations.

Trading Activity

As usual, our most important trades for the week are shown in the table below, it was a great week with very little and controlled losses.

Increase in referred investors rate

Since the beginning of our program, we wanted to have most investors referred by another investor and not coming from banner ads of AdWords. Right now, about 68% of our active investors have been directly referred, thank you for your efforts in promoting Earning Alliance!


I got paid today from malaysian-inc (2x-15 seconds & 1 minute 2 seconds), secureassets, hourlychicpay, earningalliance, briscofund, neomutual and goldalliancefund. I added a new program in my list called weltextrust for my 2nd new HYIP (High Yield Investment Program). This program paying for one (1) week already and I missed the launched. It looks like this is same as force getting investment just like what happened for my past programs. I think 1st week of June will receive my 100% investment from the program called hourlychicpay with almost 200 referrals joined in my link. It passed over 25,000+ registered and I think the bonus $12 is over from this program with zero balance. This news came from the news update few days ago that will finish the bonus offer. Congrats for those who joined in my link and active getting referrals. If I am not mistaken, some of my referrals joined early will get the 100% investment at the end June 2013. 

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