Monday, April 1, 2013

Megamoneyhybrid turned to waiting status

March 27, 2013, megamoneyhybrid is down because of hacker account that does not deposited any money and receiving withdrawals since the program launched. This is not good at all that the program is offline for a week so I will put this as waiting status. Pipmega is working and request withdrawal for today. If this program is also down there is a possibility that admin ran the money both of his three programs. I will post if I got paid from this program.

Ismadsincome and ricanadfunds are also offline for one (1) month. Admin said, both programs will be back at April 15 so members have nothing to do just to wait what will happen. I stopped promoting both of these programs already and looking for another business opportunity.

After a month, all my ad ports from unitedpaycheck will expire with new fresh ad ports purchases then I will make withdrawals again for my profit from this program. I got paid today from profitclicking (scam), ad-solid (instant), financa (3x), malaysian-inc (30 seconds), newfixtrade, eaglesinvestment, sol-r (instant), stravia (problem status), axiominvestment, majesticrown (stp instant-problem status), and investifield(instant). Sol-r sent a new update about egopay withdrawal issue why went back again to manual processing. I will get my money in this program as long as they can't fix the issue. Forget about 100% compounding and make daily withdrawals because you can not get those money if they turn to scam. I received also an update news today from malaysian-inc with new feature of inviting friends in this program:

SOL-R Newsletter - Quick Important Update

Hi cyclesplushyips,

We know this response is very late but we have been hard at work over the holiday weekend trying to fix the egopay issues.

As you probably know we have disabled withdrawals to EgoPay right now as they were still having critical issues.
We are awaiting a resolution and response from them right now before we turn the withdrawals back on which we are hoping they get to very soon.

We apologize for this major inconvenience and we are doing as much as we can to speed up this process.

STP is unaffected and working as usual.

Thank you,

Worldpro Limited Team


Malaysian INC - Ability of inviting friends

Hello, Cecilio Abalos Jr!

We added to our functional the ability to invite your friends using a simple form.
All you need just enter a name and email address of your friend and click button.
Invitation with your referral links will be immediately sent to your friend.
If your friend will open account and make a deposit, you will receive a commission.

Form for the invitation here: Account -> Referrals -> Invite friends

Thank you for your trust in our company

Best regards,

Malaysian-INC Team


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