Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Majesticrown is Paying: Computation of ROI (Return of Investment) from this program

Majesticrown is already one (1) month paying from members and monitoring sites through instant withdrawals. I invested $120 from this program to take the challenge. This program is the highest interest that I have today with 3.2% - 3.5% daily for 90 business days. The very important rule to play in HYIP is to set 0% compounding and make daily withdrawals. This is how you could get your investment with 0% compounding:

Computation of getting my ROI (Return of Investment) from majesticrown

Investment Plan:
Daily Rate: 3.2% daily
Amount: $20 - $2000
Days: 90 business days
Compounding: Yes
Principle Return: Yes

$120 x 3.2% (0.032) = $3.84 per day x 90 days = $345.60 returned + $120 deposit = $465.60

$120 / $3.84 per day = 31.25 days ROI (Return of Investment) equivalent to 32 days

$3.84 per day x 32 days = $122.88 profit

My status of this program:

Investment: $120
ROI (Return of Investment): $19.14

I got paid today from the following programs: ad-solid (instant), bensonunion (instant-problem status), majesticrown (4x-instant), ifg-trading (problem status), stravia, sol-r (instant), proforexunion, axiominvestment, and hurricaneassets. Stalliongold is still undergoing website maintenance, it looks that admin is gone. Some monitors declared this program as scam already because of this maintenance issue. We will tomorrow if the program is already gone.

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