Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stalliongold is Paying: Westernunion and moneygram payments accepted

Stalliongold accepting investors through westernunion and moneygram payments. This payments accepted already since February 19, 2013 that I missed to read from the website. I never tried this type of payments because I'm using payment processors LR (libertyreserve) and STP (solidtrustpay) for playing HYIP (High Yield Investment Program). This is the news update from the program:

February 19, 2013 | WU and MG payments

Dear investors and website visitors, it is our pleasure to announce the addition of new payment options at Stallion Gold. From now on, all of our members can use Western Union and MoneyGram money transfer services to make their investments and request withdrawals. These widely used and internationally recognized systems allow to transfer funds worldwide within minutes. These services also allow the use of Credit and Debit cards, such as Visa and MasterCard to fund the transactions.

Regarding those old HYIP, I missed those programs dkpetroleum, klides and sureinv. I'm a member from the start and did not invested that's why I lost some good programs. I will passed for those programs now and find a new HYIP that will launch for everyday. I joined also majesticrown for high risk interest giving 3.2%-3.5% daily for 90 days but I test the support ticket and no answered for over 3 days already. Usually, I'm sending support ticket from the admin without any problem in my account to test if the support ticket is good or not. I cancelled to invest in this program already because no answered for my support ticket for three (3) days.

These are the following programs that I got paid: stravia, malaysian-inc (1 minute 19 seconds & 53 seconds), ad-solid (instant), proforexunion, and sol-r (instant). I received also an update news from sol-r;


SOL-R Newsletter - First Winners and New Video

Hi cyclesplushyips,

As promised, we're back with another update including the announcement of our first 2 winners of the MaxiVote Contest.

The following members have been awarded a prize of $20 each.
02/20/2013 - jhakas22
02/21/2013 - Terri

Congratulations to the winners and good luck to everyone else! Keep voting and you could be the next winner.

If you are unaware of what this contest is then scroll down as I've included the details again at the end of this newsletter.

Our next bit of exciting news is the addition of a new video to our Video Guides section on the website. We have included a Depositing video that walks you through how to make a deposit using either an External Processor or funds already in your Sol-R account. We hope this is helpful and we have more on the way.

That's it for this update, things are going extremely well over here and feel free to stop by the reviews section to see what people are saying about us. 

MaxiVote Contest Details:

Each day stop by, click the MaxiVote image in the sidebar and vote for us making sure to include your Sol-R Username.

Then head over to one of our forum threads on MMG or TalkGold and post up that you MaxiVoted!

Each day we will randomly select 1 member from the list of voters to receive a $20 bonus. We will announce winners that were chosen in our newsletter updates which will be sent out once or twice a week.

This will run for 2 weeks, ending on March 6th, 2013.

Only 1 vote per day per member will be counted. Additional votes in a 24 hour period are discouraged and won't be counted.

Thank you!

Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited Team

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