Saturday, February 16, 2013

Malaysian-inc is Paying: My 2nd new HYIP this February 2013

Our business

Our business model is really simple. Investors entrust us with their funds, we in turn, trade them in a wide variety of investment tools as short-term lending market, trading on a stock exchange, equity trade, trading dividends and note brokering.

The business strategy applied by Malaysian INC is well planned and perfectly thought-out. Our business model has been developed and significantly improved over the past 5 years which makes it almost ideal for the changing market conditions.

Our business lines in our core markets of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. The current conditions in those markets are as favorable as ever.

Most importantly, we set the interests of our clients as the main priority and we are working around the clock to meet all of the demands of our clients.

Owing to these factors our client base is constantly growing and the profit of our company is stable and regular.
Our team

The team of Malaysian INC consists of experienced and professional traders, market analysts, legal advisors, Internet security experts. Each member of our team brings new ideas based on years of experience.

Our IT department is able to upgrade software considering all the needs and requirements of our investors and business partners. Our clients are our most valuable asset and accordingly, we try our bests to provide them with 24 hours support services. 


Types of plans
Malaysian INC offer a range of investment options, so you can choose the one that's right for you.

We offer 4 investment plans for 15-30-60-120 business days with minimum investment amount of 5 US Dollars.

Account holders are allowed to have more than one deposits on their accounts and such additional deposits can be created at any time.

The interest that we pay to our investors depends on the results of trading activity of our company for the last business day and is set automatically at midnight. This determined interest in day after previous work-day (Tuesday-Saturday) will add to your account balance automatically and it is withdrawable.

The principal will be returned to your account balance at the end of the investment period.

Compounding is available up to 100% for all investment plans. Compounding rate can be set either during the initial deposit and change at any time. Note that investors who have more than one active deposit on their accounts, can set a compounding rate for each of such deposits individually.

1.62 % - 2.06 %
Amount min 5 $
max 100 $
period 15 b/days
up to 100 %
Currency USD
Principal back: YES

1.80 % - 2.18 %
Amount min 100 $
max 1000 $
period 30 b/days
up to 100 %
Currency USD
Principal back: YES

2.15 % - 2.43 %
Amount min 1000 $
max 5000 $
period 60 b/days
up to 100 %
Currency USD
Principal back: YES

2.63 % - 2.95 %
Amount min 5000 $
and more
period 120 b/days
up to 100 %
Currency USD
Principal back: YES

Status: Paying
Minimum Investment: $5 - no limit
Plan: 1.62% - 2.95%
Principal Back: YES
Period: 15 days - 120 days
Payment processors accepted: libertyreserve, perfectmoney, egopay and solidtrustpay
Started Since: February 10, 2013

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