Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Promo Coupon Codes from Felmina

These are the following programs that I got paid today: avo, themoneygalaxy (instant), felmina, ricanadfunds, uinvest, and bensonunion(instant). I received an email came from felmina that they giving $10 free bonus to start in this program just like what happened to justbeenpaid (profitclicking ) so that the program will still alive. But in order to use this bonus you need to invest $10 for your real money to start earning interest in this program. This is the full information came from my email:


[Felmina Alliance] You can now use Promo Coupon Codes to promote Felmina!

You can now start promoting Felmina using Promo Coupon Codes. You can give them out to new people you would like to join Felmina under you.

Each Promo Coupon Code gives a $10.00 bonus added to the account principal of the newly created account. Note that one will need to make an additional deposit of at least $10.00 in order to start earning interest in the account.

To get your Promo Coupon Codes and start making use of this opportunity, you need to:

- log into your account with us,
- go to the 'Invite Your Friends' area of your account and click to get the Promo Coupon Codes,
- the Promo Coupon Codes will be sent to your contact email address immediately,
- send the Promo Coupon Codes to your friends, contacts, site visitors and simply everyone who you would like to invite to join Felmina Alliance through your referral link,
- note that each Promo Coupon Code is linked to your account, so every person using the Promo Coupon Code you provided will join your downline automatically,
- also keep in mind that each Promo Coupon Code can only be used once.

To activate the Promo Coupon Code, your prospects will need to:

- copy the Promo Coupon Code received from you,
- enter the code into the 'Promo Coupon Code' field of the Account Registration form,
- the $10.00 will be immediately credited to the account principal of the newly created account.

It is okay to distribute the Promo Coupon Codes:

- to your family, friends, contacts and simply anyone you would like to invite to Felmina and register in your downline,
- on various forums, discussion boards and blogs,
- send in limited and targeted mailings.

It is NOT okay to:

- send the Promo Coupon Codes in unsolitited mass mailings,
- distribute them to people who are clearly not interested in such offers.

Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department should you have any questions or need assistance with your account.


I received also an email came from uinvest about the new project; information:

New project added from UINVEST - Agricultural equipment manufacturing

Dear Cecilio Abalos Jr,

We're glad to inform you that new project has been added!

Business: Agricultural equipment manufacturing
Period of business activity: 14 years
Funds required: $2,700,000
Monthly earnings: $470,000

This manufacturer's focus is to continue producing quality products, to respond to customers' needs with new tools and new technology to meet their growing challenges. Agronomic practices are constantly changing. With this fact, development and innovation are keys to continually providing customers with the best equipment and service. For this some additional inflow is required, and this is a good chance for investors to get into the industry with good returns on investments.

UInvest Support Team

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