Friday, November 15, 2013

Delta-traders is Paying: received my 50% ROI (Return of Investment) from this program


I received payments from the following programs: cryptory (instant-PM), browsgroup (PM), eurasianasset (PM), and deltatraders (PM). There is bad news that topcapitalist is already scam. One of the top successful HYIP from the past but it is already stopped paying few days ago. November 14 is the last payment from this program. Programs come and go then look for a new one. After30days is come back again after admin scam a lot of investors in HYIP Industry. Be careful choosing new programs especially those scammer admins.


I got paid today from eurasianasset (PM), keystoneloansdivision (egopay), deltatraders (PM), and browsgroup (PM). Gulfinvclub and prime-energy are both turned to scams. Prime-energy website is hacked. Hackers killing all good programs especially near Christmas Day.

Delta-traders received my 50% investment from this program that paying 25% monthly. Nothing is new from my programs list but still active posting in my blog for latest payments received. It's better to be safe that being greedy investors for every new programs launch. My income status:

Investment: $100
ROI (Return of Investment): $53.90


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