Friday, November 8, 2013

Cryptory is Paying: my 1st new HYIP this month of November 2013


Two days ago, there programs processed my withdrawals: browsgroup (PM), eurasianasset (PM), keystoneloansdivision (egopay), and deltatraders (PM). There is no good news from the program uinvest because of my withdrawal offer is pending for more than two (2) weeks. Should the program still alive?, nothing knows if it will be back to normal. I will stay this program as problem status.

Yesterday, I received payments from those programs: eurasianasset (PM), browsgroup (PM), and deltatraders (PM). Cryptory is my 1st new HYIP added in my list. It gives small interest that looks like payza design. I think this would be long term HYIP is admin is real from investors. This is good if you have extra funds for another source of income.


I decided to invest the amount of $80 from my new program cryptory. I will watch this program for adding new funds if possible. If your planning to add this program grab it now. This month would be good to start this new program launch. Oceanafinance is another new program but when I test deposit the PM account is not verified then decided to cancel it. I will passed for this program for a while.

I got paid from the following programs: eurasianasset (PM), browsgroup (PM), deltatraders (PM) and keystoneloansdivision (egopay). As I checked those old programs, empfinance is already scam. The program started June 2010 by goldpoll that paying for more than 3 years in the HYIP history. Congrats for those investors that won a lot of money from this program.

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