Sunday, October 13, 2013

Volksventure is Paying: my 3rd HYIP this month of October

Welcome To Volks Venture

Volks Venture Investments Group is a ground-breaking investment company with a fresh new approach to both traditional and emerging markets. The company has created an expanded portfolio which presents the ideal balance between the current return on investment and future growth. Volks Venture Investments Group focuses on Six main investment areas: Stock, Gold, Silver Trading, Currencies, Mutual Funds and Private equities.

Volks Venture Investments group is a leading investment company worldwide. Led by a strong management and board-of-directors team, Volks Venture is poised for rapid growth. The team’s unique experience and insight allows the company to discover new opportunities and reveal their true potential. Our intimate knowledge and ongoing inspection of the fund industry, careful analysis of individual funds, and continual monitoring of fund performance give us a decisive edge in the investment arena.

The Volks Venture Management and professional director team, with close support from various business sectors, plays a vital and intrinsic role in meeting the needs of our clients. This specialized team of professionals, whose sole purpose is to personally cater to the clients’ requirements on a one-on-one basis, provides our clients with financial solutions that be st suit their investment needs. 

Investment & Protection

- 4% daily for 365 calendar days
- Principal included
- 24/7 Support Team
- Accept EgoPay & PerfectMoney
- Automatic deposits
- 5% Referral Commission
- Solid Company
- DDos Protection
- Dedicated Server
- Deposit Guarantee

Our Investment Package:

1.00% Daily Interest
Volks Venture Life
Interest send to your account daily for life. Principal available withdraw after 365 days.
Minimum$ 10.00 Maximum$ 25000.00

2.00% Daily Interest
Volks Venture Compound
Interest send to your account daily for 365 days. Principal return at the end of 365 days. Compound available.
Minimum$ 3000.00 Maximum$ 15000.00

4.00% Daily Interest
Volks Venture Year
Interest send to your account daily for 365 days. Principal return at the end of 365 days.
Minimum$ 2000.00 Maximum$ 50000.00

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