Thursday, October 3, 2013

Keystoneloansdivision is Paying: some HYIP monitors added this new program


I received payments from the following programs: fidelisfinance (PM), stronginv (PM), eurasianasset (PM), and theadsbazaar (STP). At last, admin processed my 3 days pending withdrawals from the program theadsbazaar after sending support ticket about this issue. The problem is solved then admin sent news update that this issue all about changing DNS (Domain Name System) from the program. Full update information is here:


Mid-Week Update

Dear Members,

I am rather late with this update that should have gone out yesterday, please accept my apologies.

There were a few technical issues that had cropped up in the admin area which I suspect were caused by the fluctuation in uptime we experienced for several days post the DNS change.

Everything is back to normal now. There were a few withdrawals payments that were 'lost' in the lapses but those are all paid now too.

What a theme we had this weekend and what posts! Hats off to those of you that could vote. lol

We have 3 winners for Saturday, homebiz, indexa and Hothyipsmonitor. For Sunday, the winner is Sumadinero. Once again all winners earn a spot on the TV on our HomePage.

Congratulations to you all and also to all the wonderful members who post during weekends. Please remember this is just random fun to keep up the family spirit especially during weekends when we all get to 'hangout' doing something together.

Otherwise, do please keep up your routine and let's move TAB forward! Post dilligently, Share to outside networks, invite your friends, Participate in discussions and chats and our weekend fun.

For the benefit of our new members this is where our discussions are: and or

skype:?chat&blob=voyoGt_ ZmMONEAWkzHHz6X3t_i-ad- QpNAB7Aj7LO3BnjBDA7O1UTG5vlu2QzVF5_GaQfa25jjH6WltdB8yvFAa0S9gs-cS_rcutA-SsoDnqb-iSzj-4DH9_L3RQHEMSLnVSw5iUQ95_Gf

Have a fantastic day!

The Ads Bazaar Management


I got paid today from fidelisfinance (2x-PM), keystoneloansdivision (egopay), stronginv (PM), eurasianasset (PM), and deltatraders (PM). Keystoneloansdivision is supposed to be my 1st HYIP this month of October because some monitors added this program in there list. To qualify for daily income for your investment, you need to surf 5 sites daily. I purchased 1.4% daily for for 105 days for my 11 active tokens. You need to be active in surfing 5 ads daily or else your income will stop that there is membership level to purchase if tired this daily task from this program.

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