Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fidelisfinance is Scam

Fidelisfinance turned to scam. This program paying for only two months after admin posted news that API from perfect money is disable but who knows that already gone. He/she said that will fix for 1 hour but all processors disable the instant withdrawals. I choose the right timing for joining this program and won for few dollars. This is the status:

Investment: $20
ROI (Return of Investment): $29.68 in profit
WON - $9.68

I got paid today from browsgroup (PM), stronginv (PM), eurasianasset (PM), and deltatraders (PM). This morning, I received news from admin of keystoneloansdivision that perfect money processor is disable for instant withdrawals. I hope this is not a bad news because most HYIP doing this kind of tricks before they will gone. If this is true that admin keeping safe of our members money from hackers. There are many active hackers this time because its near Christmas Day. Some programs turned to scam already due to the website hacked. This is the email I got from admin today:


Perfect Money notice

It has come to our attention that there is currently a security risk with the Perfect Money payment processor. As such, we have decided to disable instant payments to Perfect Money accounts until the risk has been dealt with by the payment processor and we are confident that our members money is safe. SolidTrust Pay and EgoPay withdrawals are still instant and are not affected.

Thank You,
Kali Mack
KLD Admin

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