Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eurasianasset is Paying: received my 50% ROI (Return of Investment) from this program


I received payments from the following programs: browsgroup (PM), eurasianasset (PM), stronginv (PM), keystoneloansdivision (egopay), and deltatraders (PM). I watched incoming and outgoing programs and there are many fast scams. One of the example is mightyassets that scam few days ago. Last year, I'm not active investing from the month of October - December because of too many fast scams. The reason for many scam HYIP admins its because near Christmas Day and everyone needs money all over the world. The more investors from online world, the more they earn money. I think this time its better to select 2-3 programs every month that joining all new programs.

I got my 50% investment from the program called eurasianasset today. If this program will survive until the month of December, I will be in profit for this one. This is my current income status:

Investment: $150
ROI (Return of Investment): $77.09


I got paid today from browsgroup (PM), eurasianasset (PM), and deltatraders (PM). My withdrawal from stronginv is pending for 24 hours. Every program that can not process for 24 hours is dangerous for investors especially this type of money online. I checked FAQ page but it takes 3 days to process withdrawals.

Q: How long does it take for my withdrawal to be processed?

A: All withdrawal request are processed manually within 72 hours. In most cases, you will be very surprised and pleased with our response time.

I hope this is not the end of this program but I have feelings that it will not survive for next few days.

There is no news from my programs but I got from egopay processor that reduced the processing fees. Email I received:


New reduced EgoPay fees

Good news!

Since the establishment of EgoPay, responsible company members worked extensively and did their best in order to offer you lower fees.

• After carefully considering all the options with Payza we're pleased to announce that starting today we reduced fees for Payza deposits. New Payza deposit fee is 2.7% + 0.25$.

• Also good news to our merchant account users: if the sum that you received is 10$ or less the fee is reduced to 2.5%+0.25$ instead of previous 2.5%+0.50$.

• Currently EgoPay offers a special discount: when depositing to any account type from any exchanger (excluding Payza and OKPAY) our fee is 0%.

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