Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Diversify your money from different programs


I received two days ago from the program called eurasianasset (PM). Yesterday, I got two payments from both programs stronginv (PM), and eurasianasset (PM). It's almost over the end of days from this month but still choose only two programs that added in my list. This is to secure my money while the looking for a good one. Maybe, I'll add more one program in my list until the end of the month.

Finally after a year had passed, I won $24 through payza from hitting the green light bucket from the program adclickxpress. I'm lucky for this one because after I received my payments they changed it to $50 minimum withdrawal. As I can see from those forums, most investors will be disappoint because of higher minimum withdrawal which can finish more than a month before they reached $50 from there account balance.


More days to come and celebrating my three (3) years doing money online at November 30, 2010. At first, I created a blog but can't do how to start. I search from websites and especially here in google on how to make a blog. I used only social networking sites before I started online then my blog is empty while still learning from those days. Year 2011 when I learned to create a simple blog until it looks the same from microsoft word so its easy for me to start. That time I have only one program then added for 1-2 then concentrate from 2-3 programs for the start. Then those programs already successful from the past,  I earned until build some pure HYIP in my list. When LR shutdown, all of my programs gone. If you can see in all my list, they are all new programs.

I got paid today from browsgroup (PM), stronginv (PM), deltatraders (PM), and eurasianasset (PM). When I saw monitoring sites that they have more than ten (10) programs, then decided to build my own collections. This is what they called diversify your money from different programs. If you choose only one program, better select the best one then concentrate by promoting it. I count all my money from active programs for total amount of $790.84 and need more $562.05 withdrawals to make it profitable. Most are long term programs in my list that giving only 0.50-3% daily. Planning if the best way where you put money from every programs.

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