Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Altcoins-investment turned to problem status


I received payments from the following programs: stardc (PM), westernfinancialarena (PM), and stableround (instant-PM). As you can see, I got my 50% ROI (Return of Investment) from the program called theadsbazaar. This is one of my program that paying for more than two (2) months already. Last month, I started building my selected HYIP but two (2) of my programs will be gone. I'm hoping that this program will be strong for the new offer of admin sent to the news update today. This is my income status and update news came from my email:

Investment: $128
ROI (Return of Investment): $67.88


Let the countdown begin!

Dear Members,

After weeks and weeks of talking about The Bazaar we are finally down to just days...

If you haven't purchased your Founder Package, you only have 8 days to go! These are the benefits:

The full $500 or 5 Bitcoins will be used to purchase an Exclusive Contract.
This earns AdRewards at a rate of 2.5% every Business Day for 95 days!
All further Contracts purchased within 6 months will earn at the Exclusive Rate.
Free membership fees until 6 months after we Launch.
Free weekly email advertisment on our Exclusive HTML Mailer during the first 3 months.
Free Large Banner (728x90) on home page for 6 months.
Free advertising at Members Login/Logout page for 6 months.

If you haven't been posting, get posting. With the Launch of the Bazaar, your Ad Credits will have a financial value. Remember you can post regardless of whether you have active Contracts or not.

If you don't have active Contracts you may want to get started. TAB has been online for almost 2 months and paying flawlessly! The Minimum for a Basic Contract will be $50 on 11th September.

I will be sending out several reminders and updates in the coming days, do please spread the word around and get everyone on board! For those who still don't get our vision, pause for a moment and think where your participation would take all of us. The sky is the limit!

Thank you all for making the last weekend fun the best we've had so far! Congratulations to Laurasmoney for her 'mother of Hades' post. lol There are plenty of hours to go to pick a winner for yesterday's posts. Please post your vote for your favourite Grumpy Cat meme at:


Have an exciting week ahead!

The Ads Bazaar Management


I got paid today from stardc (PM), westernfinancialarena (PM), and stableround (instant-PM). There is still no news about the withdrawals from the program called uinvest. After this month, I will officially turn this program to scam. Those invested this year and within last few months are all lost if this program will be gone forever. Some of my friends afraid to use perfect money processor because of the news that liberty reserve officially gone. Then that's the time I stopped HYIP because of this happened. As of now, I have few bucks of dollars from perfect money funds to play some programs either new or old. As far as I know, those two (2) programs called rfigrp and mutualwealth are not paying for those liberty reserve investors but still paying up to date. I'm planning to invest large amount from those programs before but I refused. Thanks god that my money is in safe and not scam by LR (liberty reserve) processor. HYIP programs going back to normal and there are some new payment processors added.

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