Thursday, September 5, 2013

Altcoins-investment is Scam

Altcoins-investment turned to scam. Last month I selected five (5) HYIP's in my list but feel unlucky because of fast scams. This program is paying only for five (5) with instant payment but this Monday turned to pending withdrawals. Any instant withdrawals then turned to pending that means it is in red flag status already. I lost $48.71 from this program with $85 investment. This is my status:

Investment: $85
ROI (Return of Investment): $36.29
LOST - $48.71

I received payments today from stardc (PM), and westernfinancialarena (PM). The new program called pnenow changed the plan to 2% daily for 300 days then it lower to 1% daily after 10 months. This is stated from the update news of admin. I received also an update news came from theadsbazaar:

News update - 09/03/13 - Exciting changes;

Great news! After reviewed suggestions from many on-line marketing leaders. We have decided to revise our cycling method to a more exciting and more aggressive 2% daily as following:
Positions will cycle and earn 2% daily starting on the grand opening date of 09/10/13

The 2% daily will continue for 300 days or about 10 months, then may lower to 1%.

Positions purchased before 09/10/13 will mature at 300 times_cycle

Positions purchased from 09/10/13 to positions reach total of 100,000 will mature at 200 times_cycle

Positions purchased after positions reach total of 100,000 will mature at 150 times_cycle

Earn 10% from all of your referrals

Act now to take advantage of great pre-launch offers:


7 days to go..

Dear Members,

Laurasmoney has been voted the winner for the Sunday posts too! That's another $50. Congratulations! Thank you all for participating, it sure was a lot of fun for such a grumpy theme. lol

7 days to Launch, folks. Are you aware posting on TAB is as easy as 1-2-3? I know there are some out there who feel that 'Daily Tasks' is a really a laborious and time-consuming excercise, it so isn't! Watch the video below:

Daily Activities

Which also brings us to the most important element of TAB - sharing to outside networks. Yes, as of now, you don't get credits for sharing to outside networks but in the long run, this is the most vital exercise that will ensure and seal the success of TAB as a real advertising platform. Which means your own success. The number of unique visits from FaceBook stands at 4% at the moment. What if everyone that posts actually shares to outside networks too? Go figure. Did you know it takes just a moment to do that too? The advantage here is not only for TAB and members, it could be to you personally. Try sharing out to Pinterest daily and see how much more activity you'll have on your account and followers too! The same goes for FaceBook and the other sites. Once again, it's a breeze. Just click on an image, it will zoom in and you'll have the options to just click on whichever site you want to share it on, done!

That's all for today - get back to enjoying your day and remember to add the following Pre-Launch tasks to your to-do-list:

- Spread the word and get as many people as you can to join us.

- Purchase a Founder Package if you don't have one , the perks are too good to pass up!

- Get Active Posting and sharing regardless of whether you have active contracts or not.

- Join me, Flavia, Capoon and our other friends on skype whenever you can:

TAB Skype Room


The Ads Bazaar Management

P.S. Laura has just asked we split the prize between the next in line since she won yesterday. We will of course honour her request. Details will be given in tomorrow's update. Thank you so much Laura for this sweet guesture!

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