Sunday, September 29, 2013

1Instant is Scam


1Instant turned to scam. This program is only survive for 4 days but admin doing tricks for those newbie in HYIP world to get scam. Admin still processing for small payments then some cheerleaders still promoting this program even it is 100% scam. I have to see those members still posting payment proofs in forums so that they will still get some referrals. Sadly, deposits still continuous because of scam tricks that selective payments from members. I have 21 pending withdrawals from this program but still not processed even small payments. One of my referrals today invested in this program but I give a full alert that posted problem status yesterday. I gave fast scam alert from this program but still did not read the latest news. This is the biggest fast scam of 2013 because of many big investors are here that support admin for expecting this will be another successful from those past programs that he/she created. I lost $17.90 from this program;

Investment: $111.50
ROI (Return of Investment): $93.60
LOST - $17.90

I received payments from the following programs: fidelisfinance (PM), 1instant (5x-SCAM), stronginv (PM), and eurasianasset (PM). Admin of theadsbazaar spam the latest program today called keystoneloansdivision for the latest update that's why I did not posted the news. Since the program almost DDOS attack everyday, the website almost can not open in my side. I've been watching how admin protecting this program for the security from hackers but still not working. I'm planning to invest in this program but almost the website is not working everyday.


I got paid today from fidelisfinance (2x-PM), eurasianasset (PM), and pureincome (PM). Yougetprofit is also a good program because of honest known admin from passed PTC (paidtoclick) successful program but perfect money processor is not accepted. I have no available egopay funds to invest in this program and others because of using perfect money processor. Deltatraders changed the minimum withdrawal to $1 from every processors. This is came from latest update news received from my email;


29.09.2013 22:21:11 in the customer service representative was created ticket as follows:
Welcome to the September 26 in the office of the investor amount to a conclusion or reinvestment is more than 1 USD (for example 1.01) Customer Service, Company Delta Traders

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