Saturday, August 24, 2013

Re-launch programs - can we trust ...?

I joined adblessed one (1) hour after launched. This is one example of re-launch programs that very popular for those admin doing profit sharing or revenue sharing programs. Some programs changing name for re-launch but should we still trust? I got paid from this program through PM processor.

Another example is what they called JUSTBEENPAID. One of my programs that I earned a lot of money with small investment. They changed name to PROFITCLICKING then it is already called ADCLICKXPRESS. When the program changed the name, I'm already inactive member even some of my friends interested to put money because of being honest admin that paying for more than a year. Some won, other lost. That's the essence of playing ponzi programs. This is like a game that if you play game 1 and won then you will play again game 2, game 3, etc. As long as you earned a lot of money, can take the risk because it is like a play money. Adclickxpress became popular especially those cheerleaders that invested and trying to contact there referrals to follow. If you play those re-launch programs always follow the rules: spend that you can not afford to lose.

Next, jubyadshare that created version 2 to start again new program. If you analyze, not all members will follow the next version because most new members lost money in the program. Those who invested early in the program, 100% of them won unless they use 100% re-purchasing. In all types of programs, always follow the rules: invest money and play with profit. I got an update news from this program today and the program called theadsbazaar:


Weekend fun time!

Dear Members,

Sorry folks, we are late again. I am a bit pre-occupied with co-ordinating stuff for the exciting weeks ahead.

And now, let me take a moment to welcome all the new members who have joined us this week, we are so glad to have you all become part of our family. If you have any questions or want assistance please feel free to ask or join discussions here:

Ticket Support:
Skype:  opulentfunds or roseofsavanah
IT Forum (our main one):
MMG Forum:

Every weekend, we have a bit of fun. Members who post during weekends post on both IT and MMG and we pick random winners or a winner for Saturday and Sunday.  This weekend, we will do it just for tomorrow. 10 Random winners will be picked on Monday for Sunday posts. Each will win $10. As always the rule is, you have to post 3 images on TAB and then tell us what you posted on both;

IT Forum:

MMG Forum :

Please remember this is just for fun and all members regardless of whether you have active contracts or not are eligible to win.

Earlier today I added a short and very simple Promo Video:

Once again, feel free to make your own if you are the creative kind. Send it in and we'll check it and upload it if we like it.

Also there is your Splash page for AdCampaigns:

Both are now posted under "Promotional Banners" in your Member Area.

Have a fun-filled weekend!

The Ads Bazaar Management



Hello my dear friends,

We are pleased to bring you this update concerning the questions that have been raised by members regarding the relationship between JAS-1 (JubyAdShare) and JAS-2 (JubyAdBank).

First, let me start by saying that, if I am a scammer or dishonest Admin (as some are calling me), I would have closed down JAS-1, and just launch another program under new identity without anyone knowing (just like many have done and are doing in this industry). But, I decided to maintain my identity and even announced that I am launching JAS-2, please for this reason alone, give me a benefit of doubt and also read this update carefully.

1. JAS-2 is NOT and WILL NOT be a feeder program to JAS-1. Feeder programs normally don't succeed because they start-out paying debts. JAS-1 and JAS-2 are two different programs with different business concepts.

2. However, I have a plan to be of help to JAS-1 members below BEP. But we must note that we are all in this programs with some levels of risks both Admin and Members and there is no obligation to help anyone. I also lost in JAS-1. The plan is outline as follows:

3. We will first run JAS-2 fully until it becomes very successful and we watch members cycle out at least three times, and that will take approximately one month to achieve with our comp plan.

4. After JAS-2 becomes a success, Admin will now start taking 3% - 5% as profit, but will utilize this profit to helping JAS-1 members below BEP. I will be content with my Ref Com and my own personal investment too.

5. NOTE: we cannot help members using Payza. We started paying Payza instant with our own money and due to slow earnings members raised disputes and we lost everything in Payza. Just bear with us, we CANNOT help Payza members.

6. These plans are outlined for the long term, and with our current comp plan and your support, we shall be here to fulfill them all.

Please, I hope you understand me very well and you can always send your comments and questions to


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