Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Imperial-investment is Paying: my 4th HYIP this month of August 2013

We started as many others – working with different unreliable dealers and brokers, and now we have a direct access to real bank market. For this period of time we have achieved an incredible success and created a range of unique strategies that provide us with stable income for long periods of time.

The main emphasis is put on fundamental analysis and expected reaction of the market on breaking and important news. We do not utilize scalping, the minimum term of position hold is only several hours while the average is about three days. Currency market trading is hedged by certain positions on stock exchange (we mostly work with indexes), which helps us minimize the chance of potential losses significantly.

Our trading technique shows a good profit with small losses, however requires significant amount of funds for opening and holding an enormous number of positions with numerous tools. Our rules of capital management do not allow us to work with shoulder larger than 1:10 and thus require reservation of at least 30% of managed capital as an insurance fund at any moment of time. At the same time use of bank loans is hardly accessible and not profitable nowadays because of tax and legislation policies.


Plan 1:
Deposit of $ 50,
Percentage: 0.7%
Validity: 30 days

Plan 2:
Deposit of $ 200,
Percentage: 1%
Validity: 60 days

Plan 3:
Deposit of $ 2500,
Percentage: 1.3%
Validity: 180 days

Plan 4:
Deposit of $ 5,000,
Percentage: 1.7%
Validity: 360 days

Accepted currencies: PM, Qiwi, Payeer.

Referral commission: 7%

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