Friday, August 9, 2013

Aetheradvance is Scam


I got paid from malaysian-inc (egopay-29 seconds). Aetheradvance turned to scam. An honest admins are not always safe if the programs are unsafe. The security of a program is always important when you create your own business. Admin yodaman874 (username in MMG) explained about what happened to the program. Most investors are lost especially those have no referrals. I'm one of them that lost in this program that we could not expect the program is already gone. As of now, 100 refund requests are now completed. I lost $91.53 from this program and expect to receive of my refund or else he is scammer. I never trust his program again if create a new one. This is my income status:

Investment: $304.22
ROI (Return of Investment): $212.69
LOST - $91.53

Clickadprofits payza account frozen because of dispute created by other investors. All payza investors are affected then withdrawals also suspended. I got my withdrawal suspended and if this payment processor stop accepting in this program, my account is useless. I got an update news today and same also from the program called theadsbazaar:

This is to explain what is currently happening and to explain what we are going to do.
Some Payza members have decided to open unmotivated disputes; We have not broken any terms and the content of their messages to Payza is clearly demonstrating it.

What is important for us is the decision of Payza about this.

As you can understand we cannot run a business like this if, even without breaking any term, some "hysterical" members can win a dispute.

We share 100% of our revenue, to make a clear example, if today we share 10 and in the next days this 10 is taken away by unmotivated disputes, how can we run the site?

For the above reasons, Payza is not accepted anymore until their decision and all the Payza transactions in and out are temporarily suspended.

We understand that it is not fair for the not-involved Payza member but now it is just the right time to know if we can continue with Payza or not.

As said it is not fair for the not-involved Payza members but it is even more unfair for those members using other processors.

We have decided to keep separated the transactions of Payza that are negatively affecting the site and go ahead with the rest.

We should finish to "clear" the sharing pool from Payza by tomorrow morning and by that time we should be able to re-start the sharing system without any "external" influence.

August 9 TAB Update

Hey members,

Hope you are all having an extra wonderful day! The weekend is coming up and time to spend some quality moments with the family.

Anyway, our admin Amanda can't be in today to write a quick update to all of you so I'm doing it. But no worries, she should be back real soon to continue being of service :)

Ok, on to the update -

1. I've been hard at work trying to make the site look good and simple. I hope you like the better interface now.

2. THE COUNTDOWN CLOCK!! Yes, that's right! The Bazaar will officially launch on September 1 and we are hoping you will all be a part of it! Tell your friends, your co-workers, your partner, etc. Exciting times ahead!!

3. The 'weekend fun' where you will post anything that you've posted on your wall on our two major forum threads (MMG and IT). 5 winners will be chosen on Saturday and another 5 winners will be chosen on Sunday winning $10 each.

4. If you've noticed, several new ad banners are showing all over our site. Please take the time to check them out if it interests you. Support the advertisers. There are some really great ads that can be seen. And as we partner with several different companies, you will just see more and more new ads pop up. Like we said before, this is NOT your ordinary ad site!

5. AND I would just like to mention that our site is almost hassle-free! We are receiving almost zero tickets regarding problems with the site, which is great news as we approach our official launch.

That's it! Thank you and happy weekend to all!

Roger C.
TAB Designer and Support


I got paid today from lionbux (payza). My payment proof:

I invested $185 from this program with nine (9) active ad packs. Admin is active in MMG forum for concerns about this program. No doubt about this program will be successful if the income will be normal. This will be the next successful profit sharing program after the program admediaprofit. I received an update news from this program and clickadprofits:


Successful Launch

Dear Friends and Partner of Lionbux Advertising,

Thanks -  Thanks and Many Thanks for helping us have a successful launch.

The system is working as programmed, and we are happy about this. The response from you all was great. The first interest was paid at exactly 4:00 pm server time, the next would be by 8:00 pm.

We also want to inform You that Payza withdrawals would not be processed until 3 more business days when funds in our payza account is released. There is no issue as this is the regular payza rule which most of you are already familiar with.

Withdrawal requests are been processed almost instantly. Please Enjoy the rest of the day.



We have just finished to deduct the Payza transactions from the sharing system.

The Revenue Sharing System has been re-started.

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