Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Admediaprofit is Scam

Admediaprofit turned to scam. This profit sharing program is the #1 this month but after one (1) month paying the withdrawals pending for more than 3 days. I'm one also of late investors because I didn't invest money since day 1 because of negative comments but after 2 weeks paying for giving more than 30% a day it went to top among others. Suddenly, I won $52.43 from this program even joined 2 weeks old. I'm afraid for processing withdrawals because of 3 days through payza processor. Those invested last week are all lost because they had pending withdrawals for more than a week already. Some members filed dispute from both processors STP and especially payza. Admin offering refund from those who lost money. Sent support ticket if your one of them. This is my total income:

Investment: $130
ROI (Return of Investment): $182.43 in profit
WON - $52.43

This month I selected 4 HYIPS from my list and these are: westernfinancialarena, stardc, altcoins-investment and imperial-investment.

My investment from those programs:

westernfinancaarena - $85 = paid today (PM)
stardc - $85 = paid today (PM)
altcoins-investment - $85
imperial-investment - $100

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