Saturday, August 24, 2013

Adblessed is Paying: my 2nd new profit sharing program this month of August 2013

We love to welcome you all to

Introducing one on the best advertising/Revenue Sharing sites on the internet.

Why?... because we have taken as many ideas focused on sustainability and longevity from other sites and put them together all in one place. We didn't stop there though. We added some of our own too.

So for the first time, we have created a formula that will auto adjust the % of the revenue pool that is fed across shares so that the revenue pool is always given time to top up. This means earnings should be constant and last for a very long time to come giving plenty of time for more blessings to be received.

Here is what you get with us.

All adpacks (blessings) are $10 each. Consisting of 500 website credits, 500 banner credits, 500 text ad credits (see faqs for more details).

2 Levels of Referral Commission at 8% level 1 and 4% level 2 as well as 3% on repurchases (level 1 only).

100% shared (after referral commission).

You will be blessed every 30 minutes.

All adpacks will be considered truly blessed at 125% maturity.

35% repurchase rule for all those extra blessings.

Instant withdrawals (Up to $50)... A true blessing.

Surf only 5 websites per day to get blessed for a full day.

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