Friday, July 12, 2013

Profit Sharing - 6 programs will launch on Monday

I got news that 6 profit sharing programs will launch on Monday. Those four (4) programs are irevshare, adspacepro, revsharepays and revenuetimes. I don't know the other two (2) programs but if you want to play pick 1-2 programs than join all of them. My three (3) profit sharing programs went down with small income because of many new profit sharing programs. If you will not follow the rules for playing within the 1st day of launch, you will lose. I will watch all those new profit sharing programs and choose the popular one. These programs are more risky than HYIP because most of them stop paying with less than a month.

I got paid today from adzibiz (instant-payza), and malaysian-inc (STP and egopay-34 seconds and 49 seconds). If you want to join some of my profit sharing programs, never join because its too late. I received an update news today both programs adzibiz and adprojectx.

Important news from adziBiz Advertising That Pays

Dear Cecilio,

First of all we want to say THANK YOU for joining Adzibiz.

This company works with the heart and with passion. Our goal is to bring Adzibiz to the top as one of the best advertising services on the net. We want to share the revenue with all our members that are joining the program, with all the profit generating to all members.

All the profits Adzibiz generate are distributed between all the members who have shares. The main key of any business is the advertising service and we will not stop to create new advertising services, increase the space and a network for distributing advertising units to increase the number of sales.

Top secret: Not only shares will generate income, we will have more businesses inside Adzibiz and use the same referral.
Please share this opportunity with people and refer them worldwide under you. Millions of Dollars are waiting for you.

We created Adzibiz as a long term income for all, not a get rich over night system, Adzibiz was built for long term plans and remember we are not a hyip program that gives money never doing anything.

Our Features for now:
-> Business Directory
-> Banner advertising
-> Picture text ads
-> Login ads
-> Paid to click Ads
-> Forum

New features that are coming:

-> Members Wall (Post, follow, update status, and more..)
-> Business Pro, account type with more features for marketing and managing your team.
-> Image Hosting
-> Shorten URL with tracking system and Stats
-> Advertising Server
-> Advertising Network where members can Earn Together.

Many members submit tickets and Ask about percentages "Why too low?"

Of course, it depends on the products and services sold, now there are new programs that launched at least 5 programs, it's normal for online businesses, but there is no comparison between Adzibiz and the other businesses on the net, because we are different. We have the exact mission and the exact target for businesses which makes our service and incomes long term.
Not popular one day and fly out at night.

Ask yourself, How can a business be stable if it doesn't have quality products and services?

 Of course, we do here, and every idea we get is very important to us, you can make suggestions to us on the forum. Please share your ideas like you own adzibiz, and do not forget : we are the family, big family.

For the end of this announcement, the Special Offer will end on Sunday, we give this offer to thank all our members. This is really from the heart and please do not forget the "Weekly contest" we pay every week. If there is no winner, we will give this to the shares pool to generate this to all members.

We wish you all the best, and SUCCESS!

Adzibiz Team

We are receiving many support tickets about
issues that are on the knowledge base on the
support system. To save time as we are
answering quite a few tickets we will not
be answering those.

Only tickets that pertain to an error on an account
or something of that nature will be attended to.

To address the slowing of earnings:
It is simple to understand that if you, as members,
do not purchase additional ad packs, the revenue
sharing from the ad packs slow down.

We know that the glitch we had a few days ago scared
a few members. That is understandable, but you cannot
ask for something that isn't there. You must be able
to stick with a program longer that 2 days.

We are not a get rich scheme, not a ponzi.
We provide as promised the advertising in which you
receive each day for your daily advertising for $1.

The only replies I would look at to this are if you
think you have an idea to jump start earnings. We
are looking at different avenues to get this going again.

So what has happened?


We are getting the same question :: What has happened?

It's very simple, our members have slowed their
purchasing of additional ad packages. And some have
even let their daily advertising packages lapse.

Now we still have a good membership base of members
who are still active, still doing their $1 a day and
some even doing repurchases, which we recommend.

Why has it "stalled"?
In a sense yeah, it stalled because we don't have that
big influx of extra purchases we had a few days ago.
We blame this on the glitch we had a few days ago.
The glitch didn't do anything to earnings, or how anything
works. It just wasn't allowing members to upgrade automatically. We believe this scared many of our members
and drastically slowed down the purchases.

So what is the issue?
We have approximately 207000 shares sold since Monday.
That is amazing, but with a small amount of shares being
sold each day the remaining 57000 that have not matured,
it is taking longer and members are getting restless,
anxious and frankly upset.

Now did we anticipate this glitch, nope looked good to us
and really it wasn't a big deal, it was fixed an no members
accounts were wrong because of it.

It's how they acted once it was resolved. We lowered the
percentage to 128% for a few days so some of these 57000
would mature and get off the boards. We need more purchases.

We have a few options,
1. our members can start purchasing again and we can get
rolling again.
2. We can lower the % again, we don't want to go much lower
than 125%
3. We can do a restart, this would take out all matured
shares and all shares that have earned over $1.

Either way the number one option must always be there.

If you would like the favor of a restart, respond to

If you are not in favor reply to

A simple yes or no is suffice as we are just gonna judge
from the number of replies.

A restart lets all members be on the front edge of a fresh


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