Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Adprojectx is Paying: received my 100% ROI (Return of Investment) from this program in just 24 hours


Malaysian-inc celebrating five (5) months paying online. This is the only HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) left that survived even LR shutdown. This is the news that came from update news of admin:


We are celebrating 150 Days online!

Hello, Cecilio Abalos Jr!

On this week we are celebrating 150 Days online. As usualy we thank to our investors and promoters for trusting us. Over the past 50 days, we managed
to survive the fall of the LibertyReserve, and it is a great achievement for us. Now company is perfectly stable and we continue to evolve. In order
to celebrate this achievement, we will offer a high interest for 5 days (9-13th July).

Thank you for choosing our company.

Malaysian Investment Company team

Adprojectx is launch today with around 600 members. One day before launch, the website receiving malware treats in all members. I never open that time because of this issue and watch if this program works. Then after few hours, I decided to deposit $15 as a test if profit sharing is working. The income is too fast and added more funds with a total investment of $156.45 (fees added). I keep re-purchasing 100% for five hours then withdraw the 60% of my investment. Twelve hours, I got my full investment then requested three (3) withdrawals . If I receive all pending withdrawals, I'm already in profit. However, admin sent an update regarding STP withdrawals that slow that payza processor. I received a total of four (4) update news today. These are:


Going Live!


We will be opening the setup daily advertising page in approximately 1 minute.

We are doing this because it takes up 15 minutes to for the initial purchase to take place.

Thanks for all the feedback
Enjoy the program.

Remember to keep money in your account for more than just
a day. We recommend 30 days.


We are almost there, about 3.5 hrs remaining
until we go into launch mode.

We have had people asking about the min and max
of buying ad packs.

The min will always be 1 ad pack per day which
comes out of your available balance each day
automatically, so make sure you are funded for
plenty of days.

Do not go and buy all your money worth of ad packs
and not have enough for the next day as your daily
advertising sub will expire and you will not be
able to purchase more subs, nor will you be able to
earn on your original ad packs until a new daily
advertising sub is created.

This is the reason for the $1 a day folks. We want
everyone to stay current in our systems. And to keep
it that way we have the $1 a day Daily Advertising system.

If your sub expires all you must do is click setup daily
advertising and this will setup a new sub for you.

Looks like all the malware issues have been resolved
and we are currently being monitored on a daily basis.

We look forward to a great launch.


We are looking for ad partners to display
Our members
Text and Banner ads

Creating an ad network for max exposure.

If you have a TAE, website, blog etc and would
like to exchanged banner codes please submit
a support ticket so we may set this up.


Greetings to all of our members.

We see APX on many forums and ads spots. Great Job

We want to address a few issues before we call it
quits for the evening.

The 500 max purchase for ad packs will be raised for
tomorrow as we have yet to implement the daily ilmit.

STP withdrawals are going slow as we need to develop a
quicker way to send members their withdrawals. As for now
it is going one by one. No worries, we will get all
withdrawals paid.

Payza withdrawals are going smooth.

The APX skype room links is working for some of you, and
not for others. We will work on this.

Please refer to the FAQ section before submitting a support

We are pleased with the first day (12 hr) turn out.
Members Earnings are over $54k at the time of this

We are working towards more ad revenues and an ad network.


I deposited 100% again in the program called fundprix. Tomorrow, will receive my full investment from this program.


Finally, I received my 100% investment today from the program called adprojectx for only 24 hours. I got my three (3) pending withdrawals today to reach my total investment. My income status and payment proofs:

Investment: $156.45
ROI (Return of Investment): $166.92 in profit

Today, I got also my 100% ROI (Return of Investment) from fundprix. I leave my $10 profit in account balance then deposited it for Plan 3: five days. My status from this program:

Investment: $23
ROI (Return of Investment): $23.90 in profit
New investment:

Payment proof:

I got paid also from both programs adzibiz (STP) and malaysian-inc (STP-53 seconds). Adzibiz admin sent two (2) news update today. These are the information:


Dear Cecilio Abalos Jr,

This week we have a awesome and new Promotion.

Adzibiz is going to give you with Special offer:

1- When you Buy 5 Add's you get 1 free
2- When you Buy 10 Add's you get 2 free
3- When you Buy 10 Add's you get 3 free

So dont wait Its you time to Buy add packages and Invite people to join our Company.

But wait!

This isnt going to be the only Promotion, in the future we are going to release more cool things and make Adzibiz a company that is all about our members, We will try to get AdziBiz to its maximum potential, So we hope you enjoy this promotion and the ones to come, Remember Adzibiz thinks of you first.

So start buying and dont forget to tell people about our Family,

WIN Contest every Week, Don't miss!

You can Win with weekly Contest! hurry UP!!
Login to your account and get your referral link to get more people.

Adzibiz Family
What are the steps to success?

Dear Cecilio Abalos Jr,

The Adzibiz Team thanks you for your courage and confidence that you have to be part of the Adzibiz Family.

We are here for you to make sure we do everything in our power to develop the business, to bring it to the highest level.

But we are all aware that without you, we can not achieve our vision.
As it's the beginning of a business and Adzibiz had many things to fix, even though many tickets have been delayed, the most important thing is that we have not delayed the commissions to honor you, and it will remain so in the future.

>>>Remember Business has only two functions-marketing and innovation.
If each member should promote and be creative, then we all win.

>>>You are surrounded by simple, CAN Obvious Solutions That Increase your income dramatically, Power, Influence and Success.
The problem is, some people just do not see them.

"Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your Enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill

>>>We launched two promotions this week and good luck to all.
With Adzibiz, investment is safe, so we expect to invest further and say to others.
Remember, if everyone would just refer 3 new people and would make a small investment, the percentage gain will increase and we all benefit.

What are the steps to success?

1 Investment
2 Talk to others
3 Trust
4 Motivation
5 Passion

We wish you all the best, and


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