Monday, July 8, 2013

Adprojectx is Paying: 1st new profit sharing program this month of July 2013

100% Ad Rev Share - Earn up to 135%

Ad Project X - How It Works

The Ad Project X system has taken a new proven income model and turned it into a revolving income door. What we mean is that everyday money will come in and money will go out from our affiliate advertisers. Each day our affiliates purchase advertising in forms of Ad Packs for $1 a day. This is the minimum spend required to be a part of AdProjectX and receive profit sharing from our advertising.

With most profit sharing systems the 'hyip' of the site makes the members/advertisers wanna buy to gain that big buck quickly. And for most it works in the beginning, but then when the members quit purchasing advertising the profit shares slow down dramatically and in some cases comes to a complete halt. We have put some great support systems to prevent that from happening.

1. Mandatory daily ad purchases at only $1 a day per ad pack.

2. Ten Percent Referral commissions so members can earn daily.

3. Low 135% obtainable maximum payouts per ad pack.

4. Deducting the referral fee and sharing the remainder of the profits with the members.

The $1 a day ad packs give new advertising dollars day without the need of new affiliates joining or current members to spend more than the allotted membership fee to see profit sharing. Additional ad packs may be purchased after the daily ad pack is purchased.

With only paying out 10 percent in referral commissions over 3 levels (Level 1 : 5%, Level 2 : 3%, Level 3 : 2%) this give, affiliates the chance to sustain their $1 a day ad pack with bringing in other like minded individuals into the business rather than having to wait on profit shares. Each day when a downline member renews, your account is instantly credited with your referral commissions.

We share the remainder of our profits with you the advertiser/affiliate. Once the referral commissions are deducted we want to see the remainder be distributed to you. If you make money then we make money. The question you are probably thinking is, 'Ok, how do you make money?'

The answer is simple, we make money on our own positions, our own referrals, and a small percentage of the withdrawal fee. As you can see in the FAQ section we charge a 5% fee for the deposit fee which doesn't always cover the fees, but we also charge a 5% for withdrawals as well. The more you make the more we are able to make with you. This also gives us incentive for the program to thrive.

AdProjectX Ad Packs:

Members can purchase our Ad Packs which provide marketing credits in the form of banner and text ads.

Banner Ads: Members receive 250 banner ad credits per Ad Pack that they purchase and can promote standard size 468x60 banners for their business.

Text Ads: Members receive 250 text ad credits per Ad Pack that they purchase and can promote 4 line text-ads for their business.

* Affiliates/Members cannot promote a business or website that is immoral, illegal, hate or adult only sites.

Payments and Withdrawals:

We accept and withdraw payments using Solid Trust Pay, Ego Pay and Payza. The minimum withdrawal for free members is $5. The maximum withdrawal is $500 per day. 

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