Monday, July 1, 2013

Adhitsrev is Scam


I got paid from adhitprofits (STP). If you analyze, this program went to slow income because of many competitors trying to kill this #1 profit sharing. Most programs failed during launched but there is only one (1) program that still remain called adzbiz. This program paying more than a week already from investors. The profit sharing is too high because many members joining and investing from this program. If few members investing in a program, profit sharing went to slow income. Some of my referrals stop re-purchasing shares already because of this status, lesson learned from the past programs. Aetheradvance admin will launch two (2) days before the cycler program, stay tuned. This is the update news that I received:

Updates and Cycler Launch

Hello everyone! It's been a very busy week for both Aether Advance and our management. We have been keeping a close eye on other programs, and have strategically placed a portion of Aether Advance's funds in three so far. We are now successfully in profit in all three, which is very exciting! We will continue to look in to other profitable ventures as time goes on.

The Advance Cycler launches in less than 48 hours from now. As a reminder, it will open up for purchases at 10AM EST on Monday, July 1st. You will only be able to use your line balance to purchase positions in the cycler, so be sure to transfer daily earnings to your line balance if you have not already. You can transfer up to $50 to your line balance from your cash balance.

We have also decided to extend the transfer feature indefinitely. This way when you cycle, you will be able to transfer some of the earnings to your line balance from your cash balance if you choose to do so. For now there will still be a $50 cap in place, but this may change in the future.

For those of you who are confused as to how the cycler works, it is explained fairly clearly in the Compensation Plan page. You can purchase into any line, so those of you with large line balances will have to formulate your own personal strategy to use.

That's all for now. Get ready for Monday, it will surely be an exciting time!

- Aether Advance Management


I got paid today from adzibiz (PM). This program disabled the perfect money withdrawal and I sent admin about this issue. One of the member said it is already closed for more than three (3) days. Admin replied to my support said " It is open", then I make withdrawal request that's why I received payment. I tried 2nd withdrawal but went to closed again. I hate admin doing this kind of tricks from members that can't withdraw the real money. From proof page, you can only see those payza and solid trust pay withdrawals. I will ask again the admin when it will be back to normal.

I received an update news today from aetheradvance;


Cycler Launch Details

Hello everyone! We hope you all are having a great weekend. As you all know, the Advance Cycler launches in about 16 hours from now. Here are some important details so that you are prepared for the launch.

At 10AM EST, the cycler will open for purchases. You will be able to access the purchase page via a "Spend" link next to your Line Balance in your back office. Currently it is not visible, but once 10AM EST hits, it will show up and you will be able to continue on to the purchase page.

You can purchase positions in any line you want to. You can purchase up to 10 positions in a single purchase. There has been much strategizing going on amongst members as to which line(s) they will be buying in to. As many of you know, the first few moments of a cycler launch are crucial, as you have the opportunity to cycle your positions instantly and not have to wait to cycle. If you cannot be there at the launch, it is suggested that you purchase as soon as you can so that you can hold an earlier spot in the line of your choice.

After purchasing, positions will be placed in the order of purchase, approximately every five minutes. There is no reason to panic if you do not see your positions appear instantly after you purchase. Purchase your positions, sit back and relax a few minutes, and they will be placed.

As a reminder, the lines available to purchase in are as follows:


If you have not transferred over $50 from your Cash Balance from daily earnings to your Line Balance, you still have the opportunity to do so. The transfer feature is open indefinitely, so if you cycle out of a line and decide to purchase more positions, you can just complete a transfer. You also have the option to purchase a daily earning plan with your cycle earnings.

That should cover most possible questions and clarify the cycler launch. 16 hours from now, 10AM EST, purchases open up. Be there if you can! We will send out an update some time after the launch. Until then, good luck and have fun!

- Aether Advance Management


Adhitsrev turned to scam. This is another fast profit sharing program went to scam that trying to be the next adhitprofits but failed. I lost $29.32 from this program for a test deposited money of $40. This is my income status:

Investment: $40
ROI (Return of Investment): $10.68
LOST - $29.32

The only program stayed for more than a week is called adzibiz. For those invested within three (3) of launched are already profit. I got paid today from aetheradvance. If you invested in this program, you can see in account overview through line balance. You can spend the money depends on your account balance. For those who don't know the admin of this program, you can see in MMG (moneymakergroup) forum and the username is yodaman. This is the news update I received today from this program:


Cycler Launch and Contest Results!

Hey everyone! The Advance Cycler officially launched about an hour and a half ago. For those of you who haven't yet spent your line balance, feel free to do so at your convenience.

Overall the cycler performed as it should. A couple of positions did cycle out of order, but that is understandable, as there were thousands of positions purchased in just a few minutes. The majority of cycling occurred in a "next in line" style as it was intended to do.

Now, on to the contest results! The amount of positions purchased in the first hour after launch were 4544. The winners of the contest are as follows:

1st Place: Klcurtis2003 (4982) - $50 Cash + $25 Line
2nd Place: OnlineWebEarning (4985) - $25 Cash + $10 Line
3rd Place: Rebellion (3952) - $15 Cash + $5 Line

Congratulations to all of the winners! Your contest prizes will be added to your accounts momentarily.

There is still quite a bit in unspent line balances, and every day 20% of earnings are allocated to line balances, so more movement is sure to come. Be sure to purchase more positions in the lines as frequently as you can! And in the meantime until you cycle, you will continue to earn your daily earnings from your active plans.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the launch!

- Aether Advance Management

I added a new program called fundprix in my list. This program run by Dominique Jenkins who did support from the program called fareastfunds that successful short term HYIP from the past. I spent $23 from this program to play safe. If your interested to invest, spend that you cannot afford to lose. 

My deposited:

Dear Cecilio Abalos Jr (cyclesplushyips)

We have successfully received your deposit $23.00 SolidTrustPay to Plan 1 : Up to 130% in 24 Hours.

Your Account: arxxxxxxx
Batch: 275xxxxxx
Compound: 0%.

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