Monday, June 10, 2013

Hourlychicpay is Scam

Hourlychicpay turned to scam. I'm very disappointed from this program because admin created thee (3) programs to scam members. All of the programs giving fake payments receipt and payment proofs from the website. It says from the update news that they no longer work with STP and deposit through Perfectmoney and Egopay but all payment processors have the same problem. Admin giving fake payment proof in all payment processors and no longer active in MMG forum. Here is the update you see in website:

2013-06-10  STP 

We no longer work with STP as they are not reliable anymore.
Please deposit this amount into your account on our website through Perfect Money or EgoPay and let us know by replying to this email. Then we will transfer your current balance from STP into EgoPay or Perfect Money.

Kind regards
HCP Support


Your cashout request has been completed successfully.
Your payment details are as follows:

Amount Paid: $13.8240
Account Number: arxxxxxxx
Account Type: Solid Trust Pay

Transaction I.D: Cashout I.D #4827
Date: 9th Jun 2013
Time: 10:47:19 -4 GMT

Your cashout request has been completed successfully.
Your payment details are as follows:

Amount Paid: $9.6150
Account Number: U3xxxxxxx
Account Type: PerfectMoney

Transaction I.D: Cashout I.D #4654
Date: 10th Jun 2013
Time: 6:53:55 -4 GMT

Few days ago, admin launched the 3rd program called hourlychicrate but I decided not to invest in this program because I'm already profit in the program called hourlychicpay. Most honest admins turned to worst even you trust or know the admin of a program. I'm using my mind for investing in those ponzi programs. I said my old post that "What if admin stop paying" then here what happen now in those three (3) programs. Late joining and investing is not a good strategy to earn money in those HYIP programs. I won $33.16 from this program for my investment of $273.24 with re-purchase few dollars in my account balance. This is my status:

Investment: $273.24
ROI (Return of Investment): $306.40 in profit
WON - $33.16

I got paid today from adhitprofits (2x-STP). Goldalliancefund admin have the same scam tricks that giving fake payments processed but not received in your payment processor. I sent support ticket from this problem but no response from admin for more than two (2) days. This is another proof that admin will scam members without responding any support ticket created. Admin sent a news update about this problem issue that you can request if you want a refund. Revsharethis admin is active in facebook group for promoting the program and sent a news update about promotional banners. These are news update both programs:


GAF Withdrawal Update

Dear Valued GAF members,

We are aware of the problem which occurred during the payment run yesterday. For those who are not yet aware, this resulted in some withdrawals being marked as paid when in fact they were not executed. We thought we had the problem in the pay system pinned down but it seems to be more extensive than originally thought.

As of now, it seems we have one of two options open to us. The first would be to restore the database to the way it was before the downtime. This however isn't a very viable option as all information would be lost including earnings, payments, deposits and registration information of new members. The second option available to us is to try and get to the root of this problem and fix it so it will not occur again in the future. This is not a decision that should be made lightly and as such we will need some time to evaluate which solution will be the most efficient.

Fixing just the accounts in which there were errors, yesterday and on the previous days will not be an easy task as we are sure you can imagine. In addition to this new issue yesterday, it was noticed that some of the previously affected accounts now seem functional while new errors are occurring to accounts that were previously working fine.

Both options for repair will require an complete audit on all active accounts within GAF Trading Ltd.; this is due to our now being a legally registered business and working with members’ money. We feel it is only right for all members’ accounts that an independent auditor firm be appointed for evaluating and rectifying the errors. Members who have not had any problems with their accounts can continue to operate their accounts as usual and request cash outs as before.

We truly understand the frustration of every member whose account has been affected and to amend the situation, we would like to offer members the choice of requesting a refund (if you are not in profit). The refunds will also have to go through the auditors firm whom we will appoint in the upcoming week.

If you have an affected account, we kindly ask you not to place another withdrawal as this will only make the situation more complicated and cause further delays.

To request a refund, please log into your account and submit a new support ticket with the subject "Refund" and mark the priority as “High”  (Not following this method will cause delays for your account. ** Please note: Your refund amount is the difference of the original invested less the amount withdrawn.)

In closing, we would like to apologize again and assure all of our members that we are working very hard to find the fastest and the most effective solution to this issue.

Yours Sincerely,
GAF CEO and Staff


"Although gold and silver are not by nature money, money is by nature gold and silver."
-- Karl Marx

RevShareThis Official Newsletter 9th June 2013

Hello Members,

Banners are uploaded and ready to get from your backoffice. Login to member's area and goto "Promotional Center"

Someone has asked me for my name and when I try to reply it doesn't go well(I guess email must be submitted wrong).For you again, My name is Paul.

If you all remember the poll that I have conducted regarding the R.O.I plan for RST's Sustainable Longivety. Everyone has choosed "150% R.O.I & 30% Repurchase", So final results were took into action already.

Changes Made:

1. R.O.I has been lowered from 200% to 150% for RST's Sustainable Longivety as per the members poll results.

2. Repurchase rule has been lowered from 40% to 30%

3. Minimum withdrawal has been lowered to $10 from $15(Previouly $25)

4. Admin & Site maintainance fee has been lowered from 10% to 8%

Please join our facebook group and add your friends @

Until next time,

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