Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hourlychicpay and goldalliancefund turned to problem status


I got paid from adhitprofits (2x-STP). Hourlychicpay and goldalliancefund are turned to problem status. Both programs have the same problem for processing withdrawals. Goldalliancefund returned back the withdrawal requested to account balance. It looks like admin start playing from members after LR shutdown. This is the full information that came from their update news:


Pending Withdrawal Update - READ Please!!

Dear Valued GAF Members,

Allow me to start by apologizing profusely for the pending withdrawals that did not get paid as they should have.  And also to apologize in advance for what I have to tell you now. The initial glitch that was thought to be a fairly easy fix, has proved to be more complicated than first thought. After looking into it further, it appears that data that was in some of the members pay processor account fields was corrupted.

So here is the advice of how to best fix this, we need to reverse all the pending withdrawals again. Those who have not received a withdrawal will need to send in a support ticket after they withdraw again, with their pay processor details and the cash out number of that withdrawal, so we can rectify their accounts. Those that have received their withdrawal do not have to send in a ticket as your information was not affected.

Note ** Do not use the contact form, all information regarding this must be sent using a support ticket only - support button is located in the account area of your GAF back office.

I can only ask again for your patience and understanding during these technological challenges. I understand that the withdrawal glitch is causing false information to be posted on forums and monitor sites. Let me assure you GAF is not going anywhere! We are paying our members and will continue to do so!

Thank you for your support, understanding and loyalty, I appreciate it.

Best regards,

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Hourlychicpay admin trying to resolve those who loses LR investors but the main problem from this program is pending withdrawals. I got many pending withdrawals reports within this day and the same what happened to my withdrawal request. It looks like this game is over. If this program will turn to scam, both three (3) programs of admin will stop paying from members. This is the news information about LR investors about the plan of admin:


2013-06-07  Update

Good news about our customers who deposited using LR
We finally could reach to an agreement with one of our business partners to regain some parts of your funds that had been deposited through LR.
That is mainly because they are convinced that our business can bring significant benefits to them, especially when we had big transactions with them recently which is again due to your trust and support.
At this stage we cannot guarantee that all your LR deposits and profits will be recovered, but we are still negotiating to recover the rest of the blocked funds.
Fortunately we have been told that we would be able to request the funds through other payment systems, so we are hopeful that we can finally give your funds and your profits your profits and resolve the LR issue forever.
There is however a couple of matters that needs to be resolved before starting to transfer the funds such as how should we get that money and how should we send it to you?
We also want to ask your idea about that. If we get the money by Webmoney or Payza, do you think everybody has an account? If we want to exchange this money to a suitable form for you, that would be risky as we cannot trust any exchanger to exchange such a huge amount of money.
We are also able to get the money through SolidTrustPay I think, but STP seem to be very slow when transferring the funds and we prefer not to use it, however your suggestions is important to us.
Bank wire might also be available for the deposits above $5000.
As I mentioned this is only one of the partners that agreed to transfer the funds, and we have not agreed to an agreement with others.
Please let us know of your thoughts.



I got paid today from adhitprofits (2x-STP). Admin of goldalliancefund created again an scam tricks from members. After my withdrawal request turned back to account balance, I requested a new one. I received an email that the withdrawal is processed already but not in my STP account balance. I sent again support ticket about all of this issue regarding this problem. I will let you know what will be the replay of admin. Few minutes ago, they sent an update regarding this next issue about processing withdrawal. Full information about news update:

Dear Valued GAF Members,

A payout of all pending withdrawals was attempted a few minutes ago, and while many seem to have gone flawlessly, some did not. We have found that a number of them, while being shown in your GAF account as completed did not actually get to the members pay processor account.

Please allow us some time to try to understand what went wrong and how to fix it. My deepest apologies for this and we are working on finding and solving the issue as quickly as we can.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty!

Best regards,


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