Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Earningalliance is Scam

Earningalliance turned to scam. Admin of this program sent an update when LR shutdown but after a week no more news came out. This is the truth that the game is over. For me, you can not blame all admins because the main problem is liberty reserve funds. We are all lost in this biggest scam all over the internet world. Your lucky enough if you don't use this most popular payment processor that uses most programs. I will accept all my loses because you can not do anything about it just accept the reality that making money from online world are risky. I lost $59.63 from my investment of $140 from this program. This is my income status:

Investment: $140
ROI (Return of Investment): $80.37
LOST - $59.63

I got paid today from adhitprofits (2x instant-STP), hourlychicpay (STP), goldalliancefund (STP), and briscofund (2x-STP). Secureassets turned to problem status. Admin added a new payment processor called egopay but started scamming from members, beware of all his/her words. This program reached over 107,000+ with 79,000+ active members. This game is over so stay away from this program.

Goldalliancefund and briscofund admins still promises words after LR shutdown. We don't know when should they scam as long as keep your money away from those programs to get your investment. Monitoring sites for those using LR processor put those programs as problem or not paid because they don't accept exchanging from other processors. Admins decided that they will not pay LR investors because all of us losses in this happened. This is the news update I received today from the program called goldalliancefund.


GAF is Back!

Dear members,

We have finally managed to restore access to the Gold Alliance Fund website. During the technical difficulties we had many members deposit who were charged twice. This needs to be tended to before we can process any withdrawals. Also, we have over 200 tickets and 1000 emails from members which we need to sort through.

We understand your concerns but sending 50 emails for the same problem only delays the process for everyone. Please refrain from straining our support staff.

Kind Regards,


I got news update today from hourlychipay about LR (Liberty Reserve) issues and the 1st news update from my new program called aetheradvance.



Many of members ask us to exchange their LR to other payment processors. As we mentioned before, we cannot do that at this time.

On the other hand we really wanted to show how much we care about our customers who amazingly trusted us and help them to recover their funds.

As such, we have had an internal discussion with our team members and money managers and agreed to have a special plan with the maximum possible return for those who have lost their money on LR.

There will be 2 new plans: Special Daily Plan and Special Weekly Plan. ROI for these plans would be high but there would be a limitation on the number of users who can join them. these plans would have minimum profit for us so they have been designed only to make LR users happy.

Plans would be activated within 12 hours from now and we believe there is enough time for all members to check either their email or the news section of the website, so if you are among those who lost money in LR, join this plan to recover your money faster.

Special Daily Plan:
8.00% Daily for 30 Days = 240% ROI
Min & Max Investment: $5000 - $25000

Special Weekly Plan:
50% Weekly for 6 weeks = 300% ROI
Min & Max Investment: $7500 - $50000

We only accept 500 users for each plan and the plans will remain active for 10 days, so 500 people or 10 days, whichever happens first.

Although we cannot prevent other members to join the above plans, but the aim of these 'special' plans is to compensate some of the losses incurred by LR, so if you have not lost a considerable amount of money in LR, we kindly ask you not to participate in the above plans as they were specially designed for LR users.

Please note that you need to use your STP, PM or EgoPay balances to join these plans and LR balances cannot be used.

Investing on financial markets carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to invest on financial markets you should carefully consider your investment objectives and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with financial investments, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts. For further information please contact ChicPay Group.



Successful Launch and Updates

First off I would just like to welcome and thank everyone who has joined and showed their support for Aether Advance so far. We would be nothing without you!

It has been approximately 48 hours since we have opened for registrations and purchases. Membership is already quickly approaching 500 members, and growing much faster than we had anitipated! We are looking forward to keeping steady and consistent growth and supporting our members as much as possible.

For those inquiring more info about the Advance Cycler portion of the program:
The Advance Cycler launches on Monday, July 1st at 10:00AM EST. You will only be able to use your Line Balance to purchase positions. You can purchase positions in whichever line you choose to do so. It is a company-wide cycler that cycles on a first come, first served basis. Members with referrals will cycle at the same rate as those without referrals. After it's initial launch, you will be able to purchase positions any time with your Line Balance. The Advance Cycler launch will be an exciting time for sure!

As a reminder to those who visit the forums (MoneyMakerGroup, TalkGold, DreamTeamMoney and Investment-Tracker to name a few), the Aether Advance thread links can be found on our website. We very much appreciate when our members show public support for our program, as it helps us to grow and thrive.

That's all for now. Thanks again for your ongoing support; our efforts will reflect in your success!

- Aether Advance Management

I updated my total profits for today:



Investment: $273.24
ROI (Return of Investment): $295.67 in profit
Investment: $000
ROI (Return of Investment): $00
Investment: $350.49
ROI (Return of Investment): $772.61 in profit
Investment: $241
ROI (Return of Investment): $389.18 in profit
Investment: $125
ROI (Return of Investment): $101.34
Investment: $85
ROI (Return of Investment): $216.89 in profit
Investment: $300
ROI (Return of Investment): $250.65
Investment: $140
ROI (Return of Investment): $128.82
Investment: $200
ROI (Return of Investment): $108.70
Investment: $10.40
ROI (Return of Investment): $8.00
Investment: $144
ROI (Return of Investment): $169.52 in profit
Investment: $1000
ROI (Return of Investment): $398.41
Investment: $500
ROI (Return of Investment): $506.30 in profit
Investment: $300 
ROI (Return of Investment): $1035.60 in profit
Investment: $200 
ROI (Return of Investment): $664.13 in profit

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