Thursday, May 30, 2013

Secureassets is Paying for LR investors through PM (Perfect Money)

Good news! Secureassets back to paying status even LR is shutdown. Admin give a chance to LR investors to withdraw money from perfect money account so that members still receiving payments. I hope this program still survive for months even liberty reserve will not return to business. This is the full updates came from the website about this issue;


We would like to inform that due to current Liberty Reserve issues, from Monday 27.05.2013 daily profits of the investors who invested through Liberty Reserve will be added as Perfect Money earnings to their account balances and can be withdrawn to Perfect Money account at any time and from the first week of June we will provide exchange service. So the users who have money in their Secure Assets Liberty Reserve account balance can exchange their funds to Perfect Money.

If you don't have Perfect Money account, please open one and set in Edit Profile section of Secure Assets. Please note that we will update e-currency account numbers every 24 hours. Perfect Money deposits and withdrawals are processed already as per routine. If you have any problem, please use the Contact form to report the problem. We appreciate for your kind understanding.

These are the following programs that I got paid: secureassets (PM), goldalliancefund (STP), adhitprofits (STP-referral commissions), hourlychicpay (STP), and briscofund (STP).

Bad news from the program called neomutual that those LR investors will lost money and can't exchange to other currencies based from admin. Here is the information that I got from admin;

May 28, 2013

Fellow crowdfunders,

We have received official information, that the Liberty Reserve payment system is indeed gone. For more information we refer to the United States Attorney Office of the Southern District of New York.

Fortunately, only 23% of our depositors are using Liberty Reserve. Unfortunately, as a young enterprise, we cannot by any means reimburse these funds, without jeopardizing our entire project.

NEO Mutual is a community project and seeking funding on that basis. It is essential for us to act responsible and in the interest of the majority of our contributors. For this reason shifting funds from Liberty Reserve to any other payment system is not an option.

We will of course try to recover some of the funds deposited via Liberty Reserve, once and if there is a receiver announced. For now, your Liberty Reserve account balance stays in your NEO Mutual account, but will not earn compensation.

Sorry folks, I hate to be the messenger of such bad news, but the situation is beyond our control and considered as a Force Majeure event, according to our Terms of Service.

What we can do however, is to motivate you to continue working with NEO Mutual in the future, using a different payment handler and recoup your losses.

This offer is valid for former Liberty Reserve depositors only:

Deposit from $20 - $499 and get 20% bonus, from $500 - $5000 you will receive 25% bonus and for deposits   over $5001 you'll receive 30% bonus.

There is no time limitation and all you have to do to claim your bonus is to fund your eWallet and once done please open a support ticket and let us know your transaction details. The bonus will be added to your eWallet and not to any active contribution.

With best regards,


I got also an update news today from the program called goldalliancefund and hourlychicpay. These are the emails that I received;


GAF Facebook, Testimonials and LR Bonus!

Dear Valued GAF members,

We would again like to remind you of the testimonial contest that ends tomorrow at midnight (Wednesday May 29, midnight EST). The 10 most inspirational testimonials will each receive a $45 investment from us. Winners will be announced Friday.

We would also like to remind our Liberty Reserve members that have not yet taken advantage of the 20% bonus offer; this offer is not time-sensitive, as it is official now that Liberty Reserve has been seized by judicial authorities. You will also become eligible again to earn referral commissions because of an active investment in your account.

And last but not least, we at GAF are happy to announce the launch of our Facebook group! The link for the <a href="" target="_blank">GAF Facebook Group</a> is located on the ‘Ratings’ page. We hope to see you all there!

We wish all our members a joyous, profitable week.

Yours Sincerely,
GAF CEO and Staf


HourlyChicRate (HCR) – third program


HourlyChicRate (HCR) is a new website from ChicPayGroup. For those users who are not familiar with ChicPayGroup, HCR is the third product of our team. Out previous projects are as follows:

First program:
Running Days: 82 + 10 days pre-launch

Second program:

Running Days: 28 + 4 days pre-launch

About HCR:
HCR works in the same way as the HCP does and its plans are mostly complementary to HCP’s plans. Given that the LR has been shut down, we have removed it from the list of payment processors and currently accept payments through STP, EgoPay and PM.
A bonus amount of $15 will be automatically added to your repurchase balance as well as 20,000 ad credit. The $15 bonus will be in the form of three splits of $5 added on each of your repurchase balances (STP, PM and EgoPay) and you would be able to purchase 15 positions with that.
If you have any issues receiving the bonus, please let our support team know.
Another promotion:
For one week, we will have a “zero deposit fee” promotion on HCP and HCR, so do not miss out on this offer. Please note that after the promotion period, a deposit fee of 3.99% will be applied.

On HCR (like CP & HCP) there is no obligation for you to repurchase your balance and you are able to either withdraw 100% of your money or spend any part of your money to re-invest.

You might ask why we have started a new project. Well, here are the main reasons:

1- A new opportunity for those of you who missed HCP from the beginning
2- Earn RC from new members and new deposits
3- A helpful occasion for us as well as it can act as a feeder
4- As the minimum amounts for invest plans are different from HCP (and is in fact a complementary to that), HCR can be attract new users

And many more reasons that can help you as our loyal customers to earn more on the internet! Why not?

Site Details:

Each Ad pack costs only $0.99 and you will also receive 1,000 text ad credits and 1,000 banner ad credits for each ad pack you obtain.
Unit Cost: $0.99 Included 2000 Ad credits
Min Cashout: $10.00
Welcome Bonus: $15 + 20000 Ad Credits
Add Fund Fee:3.99%(After the one week promotion period)
Cashout Fee:4.99%
SolidTrustPay, Egopay & PerfectMoney
XS:   0.08750% Hourly For 1680Hours   ROI: 147.00%
S:    0.09583% Hourly For 1680Hours   ROI: 161.00%
M:    0.10625% Hourly For 1680Hours   ROI: 178.50%
L:    0.12083% Hourly For 1680Hours   ROI: 203.00%
XL:   0.13125% Hourly For 1680Hours   ROI: 220.50%
XXL:  0.15625% Hourly For 1560Hours   ROI: 243.75%
RC: Referral Commission:
XS:   1-6%  2-3%  3-1%          <= 10%
S:    1-6%  2-3%  3-2%          <= 11%
M:    1-6%  2-4%  3-2%          <= 12%
L:    1-7%  2-4%  3-2%          <= 13%
XL:   1-7%  2-5%  3-2%          <= 14%
XXL:  1-7%  2-5%  3-3%          <= 15%
Min & Max Unit:
XS:    1     -  5000
S:     70    -  10000
M:     353   -  20000
L:     656   -  30000
XL:    858   -  50000
XXL:   2525  -  95000
Please click on the following link to sign up:

A few notes and answers for some common questions:

1- The bonus cannot be transferred from your repurchase balance to your main balance.
2- Balance exchange is not available at this time.
3- Our script does have separate balances for each payment processor, so basically the profits earned form positions cannot be accumulated.
For each payment processor, the minimum cashout amount is $10 which you need to collect before being able to request for a withdrawal.
4- Commission on Repurchase Balance Purchases would not be taken into account. This rule also applies for the $15 sign up bonus.
5- Your principal is included in an hourly profit of 0.08750% - 0.15625% depending on the plan chosen.
6- You will receive your payments from 48 to 120 hours but we will do our best to process your requests same as HCP and CP within 24 hours.
7- Please make sure your sponsor is correct during the sign-up process as this cannot change or be modified after sign up.
8- You can withdraw your balance at any time you want as long as you have reached the minimum amount of $10 on a balance.
9- You will get RC only when a position is purchased form a direct deposit or the main balance.
10- If you are admin of any hyip monitoring website, please do not send us emails regarding monitoring of our websites, as will ignore thos kinds of emails.
11- Accounts cannot be deleted based on user's request.
12- We are not responsible for payments that requested to wrong acc ID. Please make sure to indicate the correct payment information before you submit any payment request.
13- Please do not use same information (user/pass/email) on hyip and revenue websites as scam admins can access your details and login and take your money out in case you use the same username and password.
14- If you want to compound, you need to do it manually. It means that when you have got a minimum of $0.99 on one of your balances, then purchase a position and start from the beginning. There is no option to automatically set it.
15- There are 2 things in the banner section of our website. One is how many times your banner has been displayed (this does not mean the number of visitors who surfed your website) and the other one is the number of clicks on your banner (this is the number of people who were referred by our website to yours).
16- The plan details can be found on the homepage of the website, alternatively you can see the details when you go to "buy share" section when you are logged into your account.
17- We do not accept any money request or bonus request from users who are active on other forums. For those honest users (who say they are active in 20 forums or so), we think they can get enough referrals by advertising our website on those forums to earn enough profit, so there should be no reason to ask money from us. This sounds like a bit unprofessional guys.
18- You cannot instantly withdraw the funds you invested. You need to purchase ad packs using those funds and see your balance growing, but you can withdraw the profits made from ad packs and referral commissions. If your aim is to test our cashout system to build a trust, we have to advise that this is not a proper way to find that out. You can wait for some time and check the payment proofs on MMG forum, then make investment with bigger amounts.
19- PM and EP only allow amounts with two decimal points so when making any deposit with PM or EP, please make sure that your amount has only got two decimal point i.e 10.444 would not work, put 10.44 instead.
20- When you buy a position with your STP balance, your profit will go back into your STP balance, so nothing would be added to your other processors' balance.
If you have not deposited using other processors, then you do not need to do anything with those balances, just leave them to remain there and do not ask us to remove them for you.




After LR (Liberty Reserve) officially closed, thirty five (35) LR exchanger's also closed and seized too. Visit this link for more information:

Visit this link for more information:

Top exchangers affected:

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