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Profitgears turned to problem status


These are the following programs that I got paid: briscofund, adhitprofits, hourlychicpay, secureassets, earningalliance, and goldalliancefund. Briscofund recorded the first webinar and you can visit the link that stated in update news. Here is the email that I received;


Recorded webinar added

We have added on our site the recorded first webinar and we will add also other FAQ videos that Julie (our Head of support) has been made. Hope you will like them :) Here is the link to videos page from our site:

Please enjoy them!


Profitgears launched few days ago and many big promoters invested large amount in this program even don't fully understand the marketing plan. I signed up and invested three (3) shares to test the program but who know that this will be a bad program from them. This program turned to problem status based on my searching updates came from forums. I would say that stay away from this program and never invest even few bucks of dollars. However I got an update news from this program. This is the email that I got from admin;


Technical Issues

Dear Members,

We are experiencing some technical issues. Therefore, we may need to take the site down couple of times during the weekend. We regret the inconvenience and look forward to your continuous support.



Budgeted for Long-Term

First of all thanks a lot for your support. We had to shift the site to new domain (please do not use https here as yet as it would not work yet). All banner URLs as well as the referral links have also been changed, so please make sure you use correct URLs now onwards. There may be few other things that would need some time to get full transmission. We regret the inconvenience caused during this period.

We have received feedback from some members who suggested us to elaborate "How it Works" Page, explaining more particularly, how a share shifts from one Gear to another. We will add it to the site later today. Details are given here also.

Budgeted for Long-Term:  A shift from Gear 1 is created through a budget multiplier of .25862 from all new sales and repurchases. The next queue is released when approximately $3 is accumulated. All purchases are time stamped for the queue line. The pay plan is automated through a cron job scheduled to run at various times during the day. Other factors that determine the speed of shifting: Purchases and Re-Purchases.

In the example that has been given on the How it Works page, we have given reference of approximately 25 days for shares moving from Gear 1 to Gear 2 (it can be more or less than that though). Therefore, please do not expect the shares to move in couple of hours or 1 or 2 days. The shares will move based on the equation as mentioned above. However, the shares will continue to earn you upto 0.5% revenue share during their stay in Gear 1, thereby increasing your RoI.

Please note that all withdrawals are being processed as fast as we can. All banners are being approved as fast as we can. We can assure you that the same will continue till the entire tenure of the program. We strongly believe that no program can be successful without the support of the members. Therefore, we expect and look forward to your continued support.

Warm regards,


Adhitprofits is still good for withdrawals even they disabled the LR processor. The withdrawals is still too fast than my other programs. I got paid today from adhitprofits and hourlychicpay.

Some members from the program called profitgears file dispute for those STP investors so that if they saw many reports the admin of STP account will be frozen. I will also file a dispute from this program even I invested only $10.40 so that I can support for those who lose big amounts from this program. You can visit my old posted how to dispute through STP processor, here is the link;


Hi STP officer,

My STP account is 'XXXXXX'

I want to make dispute for the admin of the website

his STP account: wasim889
his email:

for the transaction
Transaction ID =XXXXX 
Fees (Charged to Recipient) = 2.90 
Net Amount = 101.1
Comments = Payment For For Username: XXXXXX 
Date and Time = 16 May 2013 @16:26 PM 

Reason of dispute: this merchant is using a misleading product description to trick people joining into his program so he can scam his member's money

Thank you

Admin of fastcashmega, pipmega and megamoneybrid sent final decision what will be happen from those program. It stated that those programs will put as ON HOLD for one (1) month to recover some losses. I will rate this update news as 20% positive and 80% negative. Who knows after a month those programs will back to normal, hope so. This is the email that I received;


VERY IMPORTANT DECISION (please read now!)

We have made a very important decision to put all our programs on hold for at least 1 month. As you know we make profit with forex trading. The passed weeks have been very bad in forex because the market is very unpredictable. We had heavy losses in 3 of our accounts. That forced us to lower trade volume and risk. Lower trade volume and risk means lower profits. Lower profits means we can't guarantee the returns we have set in our programs. We have been working on some new strategies. I have done tests all week last week and I'm very excited with the results thus far. I have been testing an idea I got about a week ago. The idea came to me when I was testing a new robot we developed to work with the way the market is now. That robot is working well but the idea I got seems to work much better. I started 3 times over and all 3 times it turned into profit quite fast. The longest was after 2 days. The profit is good too with acceptable risk. Only thing is the Friday seems to be not good for this system because on Friday the price is going wild. After one week my conclusion is this system could make us a lot of money (really a lot) but I don't have enough data yet. Last Friday I started 2 more tests next to the one I have been running the whole week. I have set up different settings and multiple pairs to see what works best and started on Friday to see if those settings work better for the Friday.

To not make this too long, we think if we put all our programs on hold for at least a month we can generate enough profit to get the programs that have been affected by the heavy losses we made a few weeks ago and the lower profits we see at the moment from our trading strategies (since we're trading with lower volume and less risk to prevent more heavy losses) back on track again. This is based on the tests I did last week. To give you an idea, I made over $2,000 profit on the test account (demo account) within 2 days and that's not counting the 2 other tests I did earlier with lower volume that also made profit. That's just one account with not too high volume so you can imagine if we implement this on all accounts the profit can be through the roof but we need enough backup to make sure we survive if anything goes wrong and also to be able to increase volume to make more profit (make profit with profit). I'm not going to talk about the strategy too much because I know some members get annoyed if the email is too long.

I just want all members from all our programs to know that unlike others we don't just pack up and disappear when things get difficult. We're also not going to tell you stories to hide the fact it's financially very difficult at the moment. We tell it straight up like it is and we try to come up with solutions. If one don't work we try to come up with another one. For those who are talking scam I can only say this: “WE'RE TALKING ABOUT MONEY!” Meaning it doesn't fall from the sky. If you think a bit you'll understand that to be able to pay members more than they paid we need to make enough profit. If you don't understand that you might as well go to the casino and take a gamble. We want our programs to last for a very long time and not have only some in profit and then have to close because there's no money anymore (like what's happening in most programs).

What this decision means is that all programs we run will be put on hold. This means no deposits and no withdrawals anymore for at least a month. Pending withdrawals will be canceled. This also means subscriptions will be canceled in HCS so you don't have to pay the weekly subscription anymore till we continue again.
We're going full force on this. It's the only way to be able to gain enough funds to get things running again. I know many doubt we'll get the sites back online again but we think we will. It's all about having the right system to generate profit. We have done this for a long time and many made real good profit with us.

I think it's important to keep this in mind. If we wanted to take your money and run we would have done that a long time ago when there was a lot more to run with. We're working very hard to get through this very difficult time. If all works as planned you will be very happy with the money that's coming to you. I hope you can see what we're doing here (trying to prevent members losing money).

I will update as always. If you think this is all BS then just don't read it. Thanks.

Talk soon.

Admin Mega Money Hybrid

I decided not to invest money from the program called eglobalwealth due to none big promoters are here from this program and find some other new programs. This is the update for my total profits;



Investment: $273.24
ROI (Return of Investment): $177.54
Investment: $241
ROI (Return of Investment): $389.18 in profit
Investment: $85
ROI (Return of Investment): $208.06 in profit
Investment: $300
ROI (Return of Investment): $176.15
Investment: $140
ROI (Return of Investment): $72.57
Investment: $140
ROI (Return of Investment): $98.02
Investment: $200
ROI (Return of Investment): $95.50
Investment: $115
ROI (Return of Investment): $31.50
Investment: $350.49
ROI (Return of Investment): $534.11 in profit
Investment: $10.40
ROI (Return of Investment): $00
Investment: $144
ROI (Return of Investment): $169.52 in profit
Investment: $1000
ROI (Return of Investment): $398.41
Investment: $500
ROI (Return of Investment): $506.30 in profit
Investment: $300 
ROI (Return of Investment): $1035.60 in profit
Investment: $200 
ROI (Return of Investment): $664.13 in profit

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