Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pipmega turned to problem status


These are the following programs that I got paid today: adhitprofits (3x), hourlychicpay (2x), malaysian-inc (2x-12 seconds & 45 seconds), eaglesinvestment (instant), neomutual, and briscofund. I'm waiting for the new 2% daily program this month while eglobalwealth still undecided to invest in this program. Since many good programs died, I'll stay focus getting investment for those new programs that I selected last month so that I cover some of my losses. Financa (scam) admin keep spamming email from members about the update of the program, just want to say your a professional scammer. I received an update news from those programs called eaglesinvestment, earningalliance, and eglobalwealth;

UPDATE NEWS: EaglesInvestment News Letter 06/05/13

To all investors and partners,

Eagles team had opened official facebook page for publishing the last news and updates.
You can follow our page here:

Please note any other pages under our name are fake.
Please do not hesitate to contact us

UPDATE NEWS: Earning Alliance most promising project!

Dear partners,

After over one month of online activity without a single payment missed, I invite you to read the 5th publication of our weekly news!

Best regards,
Richard Hayden

Goals accomplished

If you don't remember, our goals for the past week were to have 1500 registered investors and $85k in total investments. Not only we have 1500 registered investors, Earning Alliance also collected over $103k in investments from you since we first opened, surpassing our prospects.

New goals

This week's goals are focused on our traders and marketing department. Our marketers will launch a campaign with bigger and wider banner ads on the most famous discussion boards, monitoring programs and blogs. Our trading goal is to collect at least $10k in profits on the DAX 30 (Germany) index fund using the funds you invested. Good luck for our traders!

Market News

In general, this was a very positive week for most bonds and futures traders across the globe. The Dow Jones index closed the week with 14.712 points, still lower than last week's results but a clear recovery is on its way.
The Dow Jones index was stimulated by a recent announcement from the Federal Reserve of the USA saying that America's monetary politics will remain flexible and also reinforced their monthly commitment of 85 billion dollars in capital markets.

Trading Activity

In the next page you will find our detailed trading report for the past seven days, a first part of it was previously published in our activity page.


If you are making money with Earning Alliance, don't forget to submit a testimonial about our services! You will help us to improve our page and future investors can read your commentaries about us!
Representatives program getting bigger

A few new representatives have joined our team in the past few weeks. Now future investors from the Philippines, China, South Africa, Malaysia, USA, Lithuania, Russia, Indonesia, Nigeria and Brazil can contact Earning Alliance representatives in their mother languages!


EGW Launch in Just 3 Days

Hi All,

We are eagerly waiting for the official Launch. 500+ members in this volatile situations is not bad.

I would like to Inform Members that we have 2 Promo Offers Running till Prelaunch

1) Free Membership Upgrade (Saves 10 $)
2) Free Deposit without Fee (Saves 5% on Money Deposited)

Free Membership :

In order to avail free upgrade members should go to Members Tools >> Purchase position Tab

There is an option to Upgrade with 0 $ Fee

Do this process in pre-launch so as to save 10$ which will be membership fee once we go live

Free Deposit without Fees :

We are also offering 0% deposit fee on all Payment Processors which will be 5% once website goes live

Doubts can get clarified through support Ticket



I got paid today from secureassets, earningalliance, eaglesinvestment (instant), adhitprofits, and briscofund. Tomorrow, I will get my investment for $350.49 from the program called adhitprofits. If the program will not scam tomorrow, 100% I will won and those missed good program better luck next time. As of now, my #1 program for today is called hourlychicpay that passed over 14,000 registered members with 6 days paying. Bad news from the program called pipmega that those who are already in profit must be suspended. This will be the end of those three (3) programs within few months if no positive sign of the news update of admin. The full story here about the update news of the program:


As you know we generate profit by trading forex. With our systems we used to generate a lot of profit but at the moment the market is so unpredictable our systems are starting to fail. We saw big losses in 3 of our accounts about a week ago (accounts that are used for 2 other programs we have). Now we can see in our other accounts the draw down starts to build up too. This mainly because the audnzd is still going lower. It's possible we get the same situation as we had in our other 3 accounts where our safety system took us out of the losing trades. If that happens we're looking at more losses. Since these open trades are negative (not in profit) we can't just close them. Some are from weeks ago. They're waiting for the price to go up again on the audnzd. I have personally tested our system for the audnzd for over 7 months before we implemented it in our strategy. It was making very good profit because that pair didn't jump up and down too much but now the way the market is there's no telling what it does. We already knew that for the major pairs so that's why we changed our system some time ago to relatively safe pairs like audnzd. It was working very well and we made real good profit consistently (just like I did the 7 months I have been testing) but the passed few weeks we have seen the market gone from bad to terrible. It's very dangerous at the moment. Forex pairs are making very unpredictable moves. I think a lot has to do with the economic crisis that's pretty much worldwide at the moment.

The way things are now we can clearly see we can't generate the profit we used to make without the risk of more major losses. We have created a new robot which we have received yesterday. This robot is based on a system we developed to adapt to this market. Basically what it does is take little bits of profit the whole day on pairs that have reached a certain level. I have been doing this semi manually and it's working well but the profit is much lower than we used to make. This mainly because we have to trade with lower volume to reduce the risk because we had some big losses already so that means we don't have a lot of backup when trades go negative.

What it comes down to is we simply can't guarantee the returns we have set. I can tell you all kinds of stories like I see many programs do but we're not like that. We're going through a very bad time in forex where many traders (even the real big ones) are taking losses. It takes time to find an answer how to deal with this market. Like I said our new robot is ready and I'm testing but even though we think this system will work very well (based on the fact I'm doing this semi manually now and it's working well) it doesn't mean this will be the answer. We have to see what it does over a period of time to determine this is the system we need for this market (I do think it is). Once we see it's working well consistently we can slowly increase risk by increasing trade volume.

Our solution to get through this time of testing our new system and recover from losses is to “suspend” members' accounts that are in profit in PIP MEGA. We're talking about members who have received more in withdrawals than they paid in actual deposits from payment processors so not including re-investments from account balance. Referral commissions will be included so if your total withdrawals are more than you have deposited through the payment processors it means you're in profit and your account will be suspended for now (pending withdrawals will be cancelled).

We're implementing this rule right now because the situation doesn't allow us to wait with this. Accounts that are in profit will be “suspended” so you can't login. This will stay like that till we're able to generate the profit we used to make again. The reason we don't want members who are in profit to login is because we want earnings to “ride out” so when we have our trading accounts back on a steady level again those members can decide to re-invest then or withdraw. If we allow those who are in profit to re-invest from earnings now (since they can't withdraw) we will not have a good overview (goal we're trying to reach before we can enable those accounts again).

We have to work like this to make sure members don't lose money. If we make less profit than we pay (because we keep paying members who are in profit already) it means balance in our trading accounts are going down till they are drained at some point and that would be the end of our program of course so that would be bad for us all.

It's a very difficult time with a lot going on. We're looking at other income sources next to forex because of the way the market is now and to speed up recovery from the losses we had. We also have some investments running that can pay off big time. In the back of my mind I'm always thinking about that, hoping it will really return what been estimated (which is huge). That would give us a major boost. The problem with forex is you always need either enough balance in your account to be able to handle negative trades directly or have backup funds so you can add more when trades go negative. If the investments pay off (last information is maybe June we would start to see some returns) then it means we can increase volume without putting our accounts at risk directly because we would have more backup then.

I hope you understand how the situation is at the moment. We always tell it like it is even if it's negative. We're doing all we can to get through this difficult time now. I think many programs would have just closed but we're very determined to get through this. We have faced many big problems before and always have been able to find a solution so for us this is the same thing. Even if it takes some time, we'll get there.


PIP MEGA admin

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