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Liberty reserve shutdown permanent or temporary?

Online investors shocked when this news came from many websites that the owner of liberty were arrested from Spain for money laundering. These are the full story in the following link;

I got paid today from hourlychicpay (STP), and malaysian-inc (STP-1 hour 3 minutes 7 seconds). The other HYIP admins posted also an update news regarding liberty reserve problem. These programs are hourlychicpay, megamoneyhybrid and goldalliancefund. Full information here:


Liberty reserve Problem

Dear members

We are still waiting to see what has really happened to LR as there are lots or posts and rumors around.

As we mentioned yesterday, even if LR has gone forever, we would remove it from our websites and will work without LR, so there is no reason to worry about the functionality of our websites.
Although a significant amount of our transactions are being done with LR, but we do our best to minimize the issue with a proper money management plan.

One of the reasons we have separated balances on different payment processors is to be able to keep the program running under such circumstances, so please do not expect us to put the programs at risk by exchanging your LR balance to others, as all your LR money + your LR profits which is more than $100K are stuck in our LR account.

All your LR funds and profits will be pending to the situation of LR, so if it is back, we can send your money back, and if it is not, we can not do anything other than waiting to see what happens to your and our lost funds.

Please note that we will not respond to the questions about the situation of LR anymore, please always check the news section of our website. Also as mentioned above, do not request for any kind of exchange as they will be ignored.

Please refer to the following link posted on the forum:


Or news section:

Kind regards
ChicPay Group



Just want to keep you updated. If you don't care about the updates then don't read this.

As you know last week we made the decision to put all our programs on hold so we can generate profit faster and get our programs back online faster. The new trading strategy I told you about last week is looking good but I was hoping it would generate profit faster. As it seems in a wild market like it was again last week it takes longer to get to profit. It took almost 4 days this time but the profit is good once you get to that point. My idea is to have this system run 4 days (Monday to Thursday) and then on Friday only work with a breakout system because on Friday the price usually makes big moves so big chance there will be a big run we can profit from. I found a very interesting breakout system online. It's described by an expert and looks very profitable on paper. We're going to modify our breakout robot to work like that so we can see if this is really as good as it looks. We will use that system next to the one I'm testing now and on Friday we will then only use the breakout system. I think it can be a very strong set up that can hold when the price is going crazy (like it's doing quite often at the moment).

I know some members don't understand this but with a good system you can make so much money in forex it's ridiculous. It's really one of the fastest ways to make real money. That's why the tests are very important. It can take a while to do tests but once you have the system that works you can make crazy money. It's the reason we think we can get our programs back online financially healthy again once we have a set up (can be multiple systems working together) that can handle the way the market is now. It's not easy (otherwise everyone would be rich of course) but I think we can do it. We have been very profitable with our systems before. We just need to find a way to adapt to the market.

One big issue that can really throw us back a long way is the news about Liberty Reserve. I think by now everyone has heard this news. As it appears the Liberty Reserve site has been shut down by authorities because of suspicion of criminal activities. You can read about it here:

For us and many others this is a major problem because we have our backup funds in Liberty Reserve because many brokers work with instant deposits from LR and instant withdrawals to LR. If we can't access those funds we have a real big problem. Some say it's like e-gold a few years ago. Many lost a lot of money back then. I truly hope this will not be the same. Our only hope is the big companies that work with LR. They have a lot of money in their LR accounts so they will not accept losing that money. You can read an article about the LR news and forex brokers here:

I thank my assistant and my good friend Kathy for keeping me informed on this so fast.

It's something we really can't have at the moment but there's nothing we can do. All we can do is wait and hope for the best.

When I have more information I will update again. Talk soon.

Admin Mega Money Hybrid


Liberty Reserve

Dear Gold Alliance Fund Member,

With the recent events of the payment processor Liberty Reserve going offline and news spreading that the owner has been arrested, we are forced to look at a compromise for our members who have made deposits through Liberty Reserve.

We have taken the time since Liberty Reserve went down to explore all possibilities that will benefit our members and not compromise our business. We have tried to view the situation from both the members view point, as well as from the management side and feel a compromise has to be made between the two points.

The funds GAF had in LR are no longer accessible for our traders to work with and as such we cannot make any profits from them. Simply converting all LR investments over to another processor will not be a feasible solution as this would in effect increase the interest rate we are currently paying our members. We are confident of sustaining the current rates which we have stated on our site. Increasing the rate will only increase the risk for all members.

Payments have still been going out for all other processors since they were not affected in any way. If we were not committed to our members we could simply have closed down. This is not what we want to do. Our first commitment will always be to our members and giving them financial stability, which is something severely lacking around the world today. Nothing gives us greater joy than hearing from our happy members on forums, monitors, through emails and recently through the testimonial contest we opened.

We are aware that other investment programs issued newsletters immediately, stating how they will deal with this situation. Looking at their statements we can't help but feel it was a rushed decision, not taking into consideration both members and their business, which we feel, will eventually leave one of the involved parties at a loss.

After running the figures and much debate on our goals, we have settled on the following, which we believe will benefit both GAF and its members.

Those who have deposits in LR can now deposit using any of the other processors listed and receive a 20% bonus added to their new investment. This does not count for people who had not used LR and will only be available up to the original amount invested from LR.

For example, a member who had deposited $1 000 from LR, can now deposit to any other processor and will be awarded with a maximum bonus of $200. This will be done manually and with over 2000 members who invested using LR, it will take some time to complete them all. Please submit a support ticket after making your new deposit and be patient as we tend to you.

In making this compromise for our members we ask only for your continued commitment and support. Nothing motivates others like reading from happy members on forums, monitors and blogs. Share GAF with the world while we keep sharing the profits with you. Our first commitment will always be to serve you.

GAF CEO and Staff

If your looking for everyday updates regarding the liberty reserve shutdown, visit this forum;

I am also one of the buy and sell liberty reserve funds so I got good news some of my co-exchanger's that they will be back at 1st week of June. Be positive. This is the news update I got some of my friends;


Shadow server is used by the US Governments to seize a website that has did an online fraud. Basically, Liberty reserve is based on Costa Rica and US can’t do anything because it’s out of their juridical, so they contacted Costa Rica police etc. to cooperate with this and give them permission to do immediate action on this problem. They have been watched by the US Government since 2011 and they took action now. About the explanation I got from an LR staff. They will not close Okay? It’s not true that LR got hacked, they said they are just taking a break of what happened back there. LR will be back with a new and better. They will not CLOSE , your funds will stay there, no reduce no increase. It will just stay.

Please don’t pass wrong information

Liberty Reserve will be back on 1st June.
It’s a confirmed news.

Note: Never invest any programs unless liberty reserve news will be cleared.

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