Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hourlychicpay is Paying: This program has just launched


These are the following programs that I got paid: briscofund (2x), adhitprofits (3x), secureassets, earningalliance, pipmega, eaglesinvestment (instant), hourlychicpay, neomutual, and malaysian-inc (35 seconds). Hourlychicpay officially launch today. I joined this program since 1st day which 4 days before launch in this program. Buying shares is already active and withdrawals from members even it is still in pre-launch. Some members got paid already within that day. I have a total investment of $273.24 from this program even they giving $12 free sign up bonus. Some members asking where is the $12 and if possible to withdraw the money. To find out, click ACCOUNT then DASHBOARD. You can see in the E-CURRENCY BALANCE for $3 each every processors through balance account. You can not get the money because the minimum withdrawal is $10 unless try to deposit $7 if possible to get the $3 bonus for every processors. This is the update news that I received;

HCP has just launched.


Today is the official launch date of HCP.
We have had more than 7350 members during past 4 days. Isn't it amazing?
We appreciate your supportive cooperation. We have had more than 350K visitors during these days and it is progressing rapidly.

Please note that the issue with the RC'c has been completely identified and fixed, please don't send further emails regarding this matter.
The $12 sign up bonus would still be available for new members.

Please note when your downline buys a position using the $12 welcome bonus, you won't get any RC for that.
We are getting about 150+ emails per day asking about this matter and it slows our support down for answering other issues.

Please let us know if you found any bug or something unusual in the system.

Other notes regarding the $12 welcome bonus:
1- The bonus can not be transferred from your repurchase balance to your main balance.
2- Balance exchange is not available at this time.


NOTE: If your looking for my referral link just click the name of the program.


I got paid today from sol-r (instant-scam), secureassets, adhitprofits (2x), earningalliance, eaglesinvestment (instant), malaysian-inc (38 seconds), hourlychicpay, neomutual, and briscofund. There is a brand new 2% daily program this coming month and still waiting for information from other members.

People from online looking for free programs but they don't know that they will earn for few dollars. If they want to become successful in online business need to find good investment programs. All good programs are dying. Move on friends, look for new programs that will sustain your income here in online business.

I received my 50% investment already from the program called adhitprofits. My investment from this program earning more than $40 a day. If this program still stay for a week I will win the game. I could not expect this program giving high interest from all my HYIP collections. This is my income status of this program:

Investment: $350.49
ROI (Return of Investment): $194.04

I got three (3) pending withdrawals already from felmina. Most members stop paying already because of large withdrawals that they requested. I'm making $1.49 per day from this program but they all went to pending. I will put this program as scam in my list tomorrow. 

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