Friday, May 31, 2013

Goldalliancefund is Paying: received my 50% ROI (Return of Investment) from this program

I'm happy for the result of goldalliancefund admin that accepted my 2nd STP (Solid Trust Pay) account because they closed my account for  unauthorized ecurrency exchanges to one account. If you want to buy or exchange with someone for STP, it must be a business account verified. Be careful for those seller that unverified account specially if your transactions have large amount of more than $100. As the person where did he/she got the funds and most of all the solid trust pay account must be credit card or bank account business verified. If not, your account may affected for suspending even your business verified account in Solid Trust Pay.


However, I received my 50% investment from this program today even LR officially closed. I'm still getting paid daily (business days) from this program even using dummy account. I got my update news today from this program. My income status from this program and news:

Investment: $125
ROI (Return of Investment): $85.11


GAF Testimonial Contest Ends

Dear GAF members,

The best testimonial contest has now ended and the response to it was phenomenal! The 10 winners who will each receive a $45 investment credited to their account will be announced on Friday. Thank you for your submissions and we wish you the best of luck!

And if you weren't able to participate in the contest for some reason, don't worry; there's a new surprise competition waiting for you in the forthcoming newsletter!

Yours Sincerely,
GAF CEO and Staff

I got paid today from goldalliancefund (STP), hourlychicpay (STP), adhitprofits (STP), and secureassets (PM). I found a video news regarding liberty reserve about all issues and all came from websites and blogs are real fact. Newspapers and television news came out about this issue. Click the link of the video here:

Briscofund admin wrote the status of liberty reserve investors from this program. Full information's are here:



I really do apologize guys that I haven't been online and work 100% as before but as many of you knows already, I’m still in the hospital after got a very nasty flu virus that is not responsive to medication. Because of the fact that i can't work for too long (only half an hour per day I’m allowed) i'm doing the best i can to catch up with all pendings but many of you are withdrawing multiple times a day and that's not helping me. This is the reason for the new rule implemented today of allowing only 4th withdrawals per week. It's only a temporary rule until i can catch up with all pendings and/or get back to normal (going home). I really hope you can understand me. Payouts haven't stopped, are just delayed but I’m doing my best to be back to normal soon. We don't have an amount limit for withdrawals (no minim and no maxim) just limited the number of withdrawals per week. It's only logical that if they won't be so many per day anymore I’ll be able to catch up with all pending as faster. Once this will happen i will remove the new rule (limit) and get back to normal.

Now, regarding the LR issue: everybody lost with LR because only few could have predicted this is going to happen. We lost too but we will survive thanks to the other payment options we have on our site. We can't exchange or pay you as long as all LR deposits are gone. This is a business decision and I can't do anything about it even if I’d want to help you and I understand you. You must think that if you wouldn't have invested with us, you'd have lost your funds anyway only for having them in LR. What happened with LR is not our fault and we can't be found responsible for this. I know you all would have wanted much better news but I’m just trying to be transparent here and tell you the truth.

What I can tell you is that I will continue to do everything in my power to be back to normal soon (equal if I’ll go home or not) and I will always try to be here for any of you the best I can.


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