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Briscofund is Paying: Large DDOS attack and SSL issue


I got paid today from malaysian-inc (21 seconds), secureassets, adhitprofits (2x), uinvest, earningalliance, briscofund, pipmega, and hourlychicpay. Briscofund is under DDOS attack but the program is back and admin sent news update about the problem issue.


Large DDos attack and SSL issue

Yesterday we had a large DDos attack on our site. Our host has enabled the Cloudflare protection and mitigate the attack pretty fast but then we had an issue with our SSL. Comodo must re-issue the SSL to work on Cloudflare. Until they will do it we managed now to put the site back online without SSL so you can all access it normally but without https in front (use normal http). Thank you all members for their patience and please feel free to request your withdrawals.


Hourlychicpay admin is active sending news update about those problems in the program. This is the update from forum:


Weekends, most of my programs paying only from business days that's why I got paid only today from adhitprofits. Hourlychicpay having a problem about lost earnings about shares and they giving update news came from the program. Thank you for those who joined in my link and don't panic because this will be the next good program because they reached over 10,000 members already. These are the updates came from the program;

Update on the earning issue:

A couple of hours ago we have been informed by the developers that they have investigated the issue and here are the results:

1- This issue has got no relation to the DDOS attacks in past few days.
2- The issue has happened because of the hourly payments on HCP (in compare with the daily payments on and the huge number of users on the website. This will be fixed by optimizing some codes in order to handle the large number of transactions - There have been more than 2.5 million transactions made during past few days on HCP.
3- The developers team are working on this issue as a matter of urgency and they need 36 hours to rectify this issue - given that today is weekend.

With regards to the dedicated server we have moved on to, please note that the server is capable of handling massive attacks without any problems. We have the 2nd most powerful Intel Core I7 processor, so it can handle massive traffics as well.

We will keep you updated on the script issue.

Thanks for your patience
HCP Support
Update #2
On the earning issue:

Message from our developer:

Rebate Payment:
We have optimize the rebate payment process to the extend we can now number of transaction that can process in given time is increase hence more rebate payments will be process with each cron job runs.
Note: script is already coded in a way if a user not get his rebate payment for any given hour in next hour he will get payment of two hours in a single transaction.

Note: All rebate payments are paid via cron job and that run every mint and process 450 transaction per run so there can be a delay in rebate payments for some account to be appear
2013-05-05  Update #3
On the earning issue:

The 'earning' issue has been successfully rectified. You will receive your lost ROI altogether within some hours. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.
In order to say "Thank You", we would like to offer a 3-day "Zero Deposit Fee" period. Please inform your referrals about this offer.


Wow, its good to see that admin of megamoneyhybrid sent again a news update about the issue for the program why still an offline for almost a month. I will believe from the words stated in the news update if the program are back and start for paying from members.

If you have read the previous update you know what's going on. I just want to keep you updated on what we're doing.

I'm glad our safety system took us out of the losing trades last week because the audnzd went even lower. At the moment it's very bad in forex because the market is very unpredictable. We're working on a new robot that will work better with this market. I'm doing the system it's based on manually now till the robot is ready. It's basically taking little bits of profit the whole day on pairs that have reached a certain level. I don't think explaining this system is what you want to read so I'll keep it like this. What I can say about performance is that it's working well. Profit is lower than we used to make but it's safer. When we get the accounts back up again we can maybe do this system with higher volumes but for now we have to stay on the safe side.
Like I said I'm spending a lot of time watching the market and our accounts. It's frustrating at times because sometimes when you need the price to move hard it stays in range and other times when you need it to stay in range it moves hard up or down.

Because at the moment our forex accounts are making less profit we're looking into additional income sources. Criteria is it should not take too much time and profit potential should be medium to high with low risk (at least as low as possible looking at profit potential). We're testing a few at the moment. I can't say too much yet because we're only testing to see if they're what we're looking for. I will update when I can say more about this.

About getting MMH and FCM online again I can only say this (It's what I have told members who asked about this):

“We really have to see what this market does because at the moment it's terrible. It's very dangerous. The profit we used to make we don't make anymore. Especially after the big losses because we trade with lower volume and with less risk. It's just a bad time in forex at the moment. It takes some time to analyze and adapt to this market condition. That's why we're looking at more income sources that don't take too much time but still make good profit. It all depends on how fast we generate profit for MMH and FCM to come back. Like I said nobody wants restart after restart. It's best to make sure finance is healthy so we can make a good start when we get the sites back online. We try to keep moving forward even though it's a difficult time. Sometimes when something bad happens it leads to something good so let's hope this is a situation like that. We're on it, that's for sure.”

That in short is telling what this update does. It's how it is at the moment. It's very difficult to generate the profit we used to make because we simply can't take the risk we used to take because it's too dangerous. Also with the losses we had we simply can't risk the funds so we take profit low and slow but consistently. When the new robot is ready it will do all the selling and buying completely. Now I have one robot who does selling or buying constantly (depends on what side of the market we are) and I close the trades when they reach “profit that's acceptable”. The reason I have to do this manually is because brokers have what they call “stop levels” which means if I want to work with a stop loss (that moves with the price) I will have to set it as least as far as the stop levels. The audnzd for instance has a high stop level but there's good potential there because it have been going down quite a bit so the chance it will move up (even if it moves down later) is pretty big. With our system we take bits of profit there the whole day. Problem is because of the high stop level I have to close the trades manually because if I don't there's a chance it goes back down again before it reach “automatic” stop level. The new robot works around the stop levels so it will be able to do that. I think that's why it takes our programmer quite some time to build this. He said it would probably be ready last Thursday but it's still not ready now so that says something I think.

Anyway, I just want you to know what we're doing like I said. We need to keep moving forward. If we stand still we get stuck so we try not to look back too much. Things happen and you have to accept that. It's the only way you can move forward so we're on it.

I will update again when I have new info. Talk soon.

Admin Mega Money Hybrid

Report for my total profits:



Investment: $273.24
ROI (Return of Investment): $62.55
Investment: $150
ROI (Return of Investment): $102.25
Investment: $241
ROI (Return of Investment): $376.58 in profit
Investment: $85
ROI (Return of Investment): $149.72 in profit
Investment: $300
ROI (Return of Investment): $125.35
Investment: $140
ROI (Return of Investment): $55.07
Investment: $140
ROI (Return of Investment): $67.22
Investment: $350.49
ROI (Return of Investment): $269.19
Investment: $200
ROI (Return of Investment): $67.50
Investment: $144
ROI (Return of Investment): $169.52 in profit
Investment: $000
ROI (Return of Investment): $0
Investment: $000
ROI (Return of Investment): $0
Investment: $1000
ROI (Return of Investment): $398.41
Investment: $500
ROI (Return of Investment): $506.30 in profit
Investment: $300 
ROI (Return of Investment): $1035.60 in profit
Investment: $200 
ROI (Return of Investment): $664.13 in profit

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