Monday, April 8, 2013

Profitablesunrise is Scam

Profitablesunrise turned to scam. This is my 4th old HYIP since I started to play from these ponzi programs. Lesson learned from those greedy investors even the program is HOT, 90% of HYIP programs going to scam because admin will earned a lot from investors. I had many HYIP rest in peace when it turned to HOT PROGRAMS. The tips here for hot programs is to have a proper timing. If your late, you lost. I'm a member from this program for more than ten (10) months and won $142.83. This is my income status:

Investment: $40
ROI (Return of Investment): $182.83 in profit
WON - $142.83

These are the following programs that I got paid today: eaglesinvestment (2x-instant), financa, malaysian-inc (2x-4 minutes 42 seconds & 38 seconds), investifield (instant), briscofund, optiearn, and sol-r (instant). Majesticrown stop the STP instant withdrawal and sent one day plan from news update came from admin. This is the last payment processor that stop paying from members. Let's help each other to recover our money for those STP investors from this program. I highly recommend to report this program to return back our money came from solidtrustpay processor. This is real and already tested from STP investors. Visit the link of my old post;

Stay away from the following programs:

Red flag alert programs: sol-r, ad-solid, and axiominvestment.

I got an update news today from malaysian-inc, axiominvestment and financa. It's very clear that admin of axiominvestment going to scam members unlike other admins of HYIP programs denied that their programs are not affected by hackers then continue operating from investors.

UPDATE NEWS: Malaysian-INC newsletter

Hello, Cecilio Abalos Jr!

We have added the video #3 on YouTube video channel.
If you interested, you can watch it at this link:

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Thank you for choosing our company!

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Dear investors!

Our team is always trying to do their job well, as quickly as possible to answer the questions of our customers as quickly as possible to carry out financial transactions. But sometimes problems occur against which we are absolutely powerless. April 5th our site was hacked (first cracking a 2 March we rescued) by a group of professional hackers from Turkey on unconfirmed information from this group suffered not only our project, but a few large investment projects. Suffered serious damage, stolen money from accounts Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, QIWI. In addition the database destroyed (restored backup for 07 april). From April 5, investors may withdraw funds from reserve accounts, but the limits are not infinite, and the current time we are not able to ensure the withdrawal of all users. As funds to the accounts of the output will be on all applications as long as possible. Understand your dissatisfaction, but the other way out of this situation, we do not see.

We're sorry.

UPDATE NEWS: TRUSTe Positive Endorsement

Hello Cecilio Abalos Jr

Your account name is cyclesplushyips

As we are a proud verified member of TRUSTe Policy.You can select positive endorsement for here :

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Thanks for your support!

Best wishes
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