Monday, April 22, 2013

Problem getting principal back from the program called sol-r ?

Most investors from the program called sol-r want to get the principal back and stop investing money in this program. This program stop paying already from egopay investors and pending for full amount of principal returned. I read some other investors that went to pending if you withdraw the full amount of your principal back especially above $1000 deposited. I didn't get also the full amount of my principal back but I use 50/50 rule that's why I received my 50% instant withdrawals. For those who joined in my link that still waiting to expire there purchased plan this is the steps / tips what will you do for getting your principal back but don't expect 100% returned.

Tips getting principal back in sol-r.

1. If you withdraw the full amount of your investment before it went to pending. For example, invested $1000 and requested withdrawal it says process for 24 hours. You will the money in your STP processor, the best thing to do is cancel your withdrawal requested.
2. After cancelling withdrawal request, go to account profile and delete your solidtrustpay processor then return again. Answer your security and update profile.
3. Remember that autopilot programs have no admin to process manual withdrawals. The program is set to instant withdrawals so if the withdrawal went to pending no admin to process for payments.
4. It says that if you try to withdraw funds again, wait for 1 hour for trying withdrawal request.
5. Deposit small amount to continue playing this ponzi game. If you have $1000 deposited before, returned the $100 for 2nd round and make withdrawals for every $50 per hour. Repeat the procedure until it process instant withdrawals for every $50 withdrawal requested.

It works I got my 50% principal back for this program.

I got paid today from sol-r (2x-instant-problem status), malaysian-inc (25 seconds), eaglesinvestment (instant), briscofund, and secureassets. Liberty reserve is offline for almost 24 hours for maintenance. This is stated in their blog;

Scheduled Maintenance - March 15, 02:00pm UTC

Liberty Reserve will be unavailable on:
March 15, between 02:00 (pm) and 05:00 (pm)(UTC)

This upgrade will give you a faster, more productive system.

Thank you for choosing Liberty Reserve.

I got also an update news from the program called malaysian-inc about this maintenance from this payment processor.

Malaysian INC - LibertyReserve service offline

Hello, Cecilio Abalos Jr!

LibertyReserve service currently offline!
Please don't worry, all withdrawal will be completed as soon as the service becomes available.

Thank you for your understanding!

Best regards,
Malaysian Investment Company Team

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