Thursday, April 4, 2013

Newfixtrade is Scam

Newfixtrade is my 1st new scam HYIP that I selected at month of March 2013. I joined few days ago but it turned to scam today. As usual most investors lost in this program because it is forced scam. The next program is majesticrown that still paying from STP payment processor. This is my status from this program:

Investment: $100
ROI (Return of Investment): $24.50
LOST - $75.50

I got paid today from axiominvestment (2x), felmina (2x-problem status), ad-solid (instant), malaysian-inc (51 seconds), eaglesinvestment (instant), sol-r (instant), financa, investifield (instant), briscofund, and majesticrown (STP-problem status). My deposit from stravia is already expired and didn't receive any principal return so I will be out in this program. For those joined my link in stravia its your own decision if you still continue to purchase plan. Good news from the program called sol-r that they returned to instant payment withdrawal from egopay processor. I stopped promoting this program already and find new HYIP for this month. This is the email that I received:

SOL-R Newsletter- EgoPay Instant Withdrawals Back On!

Hi cyclesplushyips,

Once again I want to thank everyone very much for the extreme patience with these egopay issues.
I am happy to say that we feel the EgoPay issues are now resolved so we have turned instant withdrawals back on.

All pending withdrawals have been paid.

Please submit a ticket if you have any troubles.

Once again thank you to everyone and look forward to future newsletters with much better news!

Thank you,

Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited Team!

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