Monday, April 22, 2013

Liberty Reserve Phishing Emails

Today, liberty reserve processor is offline for maintenance but I received this email few hours ago that you may log-in in stated link. Stay away from this website link because once you log-in, your account will hack. This is what they called phishing email;
libertyreserve System is offline for maintenance

Dear Members,

Liberty Reseve is down for maintenance. please be patient as soon liberty reserve will be up, all liberty reserve pending withdrawal will be proceed.

Liberty Reseve service is undergoing scheduled maintenance.
Please try to visit again in a couple of hours.
We apologize for the inconvenience. - don't click

Airlines Profit.
Our Plans Is Your Destinations.

The very popular phishing email is this one that hacker said you need to verify your account with the link. Most processors sending this phishing email especially payza processor, never click any link when your received those emails.


Dear Customer,

This e-mail is to verify your account is under our suspended for security reason
We are make new system and clean all our account and we need to verify your account before 24 hours
Or we are sorry to lock your account and note able to back / to verify your account go to next URL

To get started, please click the link below:

Click Here To Verify Your Account Identity - don't click

Please DO NOT reply to this e-mail.

For information and support please use our contact form in the help section of our web site

Thank you for choosing Liberty Reserve.

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