Friday, April 5, 2013

Investifield is Paying: received my 50% ROI (Return of Investment) from this program

Investifield is one (1) month old paying program with over 27,000+ registered members. I got my 50% investment yesterday for $100 deposited from this program. The withdrawal is always instant and no problem with other processors. This is my status from this program:

Investment: $100
ROI (Return of Investment): $53.95

These are the following programs that I got paid: optiearn (2x), investifield (2x-instant), earningalliance, malaysian-inc (21 seconds), pipmega, financa (2x), eaglesinvestment (instant), briscofund (3x), sol-r (instant), majesticrown (problem status), axiominvestment, and felmina (problem status). I invested few days ago from the program called briscofund for $300 (STP) and $140 for my investment of earningalliance. This is my income status from both programs:

Investment: $300
ROI (Return of Investment): $25.60
Investment: $140
ROI (Return of Investment): $10.92
I received an update news today both programs earningalliance and malaysian-inc;

UPDATE NEWS: Earning Alliance news

Dear partners,

Earning Alliance has been up for a week now and, so far, our results surpassed our goals. Our goals for the first week were to have 500 registered members and $10k in new contracts; not only we have over 500 registered investors but we also received $14k in new deposits. It is a great start for our Alliance.

As per request of some promoters and leaders, we have just launched our representatives program. Basically, a representative is someone willing to help newcomers in need of help, we expect to have representatives from different countries so future investors can clear their doubts using their mother language. In order to become a representative, you should have an active investment of at least $100 and, of course, be willing to spend some of your time guiding new investors interested in becoming a part of Earning Alliance. Representatives will be rewarded with a 8% referral commission on all new investments. To apply, please contact our support team.

Also, starting today, we are offering you the possibility to invest in custom investment plans. Some of you may think 180 business days is too long or too less so we are now offering you the possibility to invest on a plan customized to your needs. For example, we could offer you 1% for 120 business days instead of 1.2% for 180 business days, it is a plan that suits our investment strategies and allows you to access your funds faster. Feel free to contact us with your investment proposal and we will study its feasibility but please, keep in mind that we are investment company and unrealistic and/or outrageous offers will be ignored.

April 2nd was a very important date for the bonds and stock market, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 reached its maximum value of all history. Just to give you an idea, the S&P 500 index measures the health and liquidity of the 500 most important stocks in the world. S&P 500 advanced 8.08 points which is an outstanding value and allowed us to make a considerable profit. We make money by buying and selling shares of investment funds controlled by this type of indicator. We are now studying the possibility of sharing some results from our broker firms in our page.

Our goals for the upcoming week (April 4th to April 11th) are to have 10 representatives and 15 active custom investment contracts. You will hear from us again in a week from now to comment on these results.

Thank you for the positive feedback so far!

Best regards,
Richard Hayden

UPDATE NEWS: Malaysian INC video

Hello, Cecilio Abalos Jr!

We have opened a video channel on YouTube, and have added the first video.
If you interested, you can watch it at this link:

Thank you for choosing our company!

Best regards,
Malaysian INC Team


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