Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hourlychicpay is Paying: same admin from the program called chicpayment

HOURLYCHICPAY (HCP) is a fresh modern product from team. I'm a member also from the 1st program of admin but no investment. I decided to join this 2nd program of admin because the older one paying already for 2 months. If you are not familiar with ChicPayment, please visit the relevant topic on MMG forum.

The program have a pre-launch period of four days for HCP. All the tools and facilities are already enabled and you can purchase ad packs, deposit and withdraw money and take referrals.

The program have added a new interesting feature in the script and would like to test this feature during the pre-launch period with your help. A bonus amount of $12 will be automatically added to your repurchase balance as well as 20,000 ad credit. The $12 bonus will be in the form of four splits of $3 added on each of your repurchase balances (STP, LR, PM, EgoPay) and you would be able to purchase 12 positions with that.

If you have any issues receiving the bonus, please sent support ticket.

We have got another promotion for you during the pre-launch period with waiving the deposit fees, so do not miss this opportunity and maximise what you can get out of HCP. Please note that after the promotion period, a deposit fee of 3.99% will be applied.

On HCP (like ChicPayment) there is no obligation for you to repurchase your balance and you are able to either withdraw 100% of your money or spend any part of your money to re-invest.

Site Details:

Each Ad pack cost just $0.99 and you will also receive 1,000 text ad credits and 1,000 banner ad credits for each ad pack you own. 
Unit Cost: $0.99 Included 2000 Ad credits
Min Cashout: $10.00
Welcome Bonus: $12 + 20000 Ad Credits
Add Fund Fee:3.99%(After Pre-Launch)
Cashout Fee:4.99%
SolidTrustPay,Egopay,LibertyReserve & PerfectMoney
XS: 0.08791% Hourly For 1680Hours ROI: 147.70%
S: 0.09291% Hourly For 1680Hours ROI: 156.10%
M: 0.10208% Hourly For 1680Hours ROI: 171.50%
L: 0.11583% Hourly For 1680Hours ROI: 194.60%
XL: 0.14375% Hourly For 1560Hours ROI: 224.25%
XXL: 0.16666% Hourly For 1560Hours ROI: 260.00%
RC: Referral Commission:
XS: 1-6% 2-3% 3-1% <= 10%
S: 1-6% 2-3% 3-2% <= 11%
M: 1-6% 2-4% 3-2% <= 12%
L: 1-7% 2-4% 3-2% <= 13%
XL: 1-7% 2-5% 3-2% <= 14%
XXL: 1-7% 2-5% 3-3% <= 15%
Min & Max Unit:
XS: 1 - 5050
S: 50 - 10101
M: 303 - 20202
L: 505 - 30303
XL: 1010 - 50505
XXL: 3030 - 70707

Please click on the below link to sign up:

Payment processors accepted: Solidtrustpay, Liberty Reserve, Perfectmoney and Egopay

Minimum withdrawal: $10 minimum for all payment processors

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