Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Financa is Paying: incorrect updated payment processors should be pending withdrawal

Most payment processors using log-in account/username/ID when you set-up payment processors for every programs. Perfect money is the difference among payment processors because using ID is invalid account and it may cause problem in every programs. If you will update your account in every programs you have it will start with Uxxxxxxx (7 numbers) and choose $$$ sign. This is the same as liberty reserve that have the same characters and numbers. This is the update news of the program called financa so that newbie in online business may aware of those updating proper payment processors. Email that I received;

UPDATE NEWS: Account Withdrawal -

Hello Cecilio Abalos Jr 

This newsletter is being sent out to all our depositors to explain what information should be in your account profile for a successful withdrawal of a pending withdrawal.
There are a number of users who have incorrect information or in the wrong format in their account profile.
·  To process a Solid Trust Pay Withdrawal, we must have your Solid Trust Pay username in your profile. A blank or an email address will cause a failed withdrawal.
·  To process an Ego Pay Withdrawal, we must have your Ego Pay email address in your profile. A blank or an email address in incorrect format will cause a failed withdrawal.
·  To process a Perfect Money withdrawal, we must have your Perfect Money USD or EUR account in your profile. They start with a U or an E. A Perfect Money user ID or a blank will cause a failed withdrawal.
·  To process a Liberty Reserve withdrawal, we must have your Liberty Reserve account number in your profile. They start with a U.

If you need any support regarding how to withdraw successfully, please respond to this email.
For those who did have incorrect account information on file, or blank. Please fix it, cancel your pending withdrawal and re-submit it once you have corrected the error. 

Best wishes
Mark Carney

These are the following programs that I got paid today: felmina (problem status), optiearn (2x), axiominvestment, malaysian-inc (1 minute 7 seconds), ad-solid, eaglesinvestment (2x), sol-r (instant), stravia (problem status), financa, investifield (instant), and majesticrown (problem status). Sol-r admin promise from update news that will fix the egopay issue about instant withdrawal and received also update news from the program called megamoneyhybrid. For those newbie followers and readers of my blog you may click the website name to visit the program and if not working I stopped promoting already due to problem status.

UPDATE NEWS: SOL-R Newsletter - Issues Being Resolved!

Hi cyclesplushyips,

I know everyone is getting very impatient with the recent egopay issues but I have some great news.

The EgoPay issues have been resolved, we are just waiting on confirmation from EgoPay that all is ready to go. We will start paying all pending withdrawals shortly keeping a close eye that nothing is out of the ordinary.

We will keep EgoPay withdrawals manual until we have had 100% confirmation from EgoPay, then we will go ahead and turn instant withdrawals back on. We estimate within 24 hours.

Please bare with us for a little longer, we will be back to normal shortly.

With great appreciation,

Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited Team!


Our programmer is working on recoding all the member pages in the MMH script. Seems the developers of that script really did a bad job. There are some rumors on the MMG forum saying the developers (Pro X Scripts) are scammers. You can read the thread here:

To be honest, we don't believe that but we can see the coding they used is very bad (like simple security) so I guess they're guilty on that part. The person who's telling these scam stories on MMG was an admin of a program that have been victim of the proxscripts scam as he says. Not sure how true that is but we're not going to disregard it nor are we going to believe this without seeing concrete proof. I have talked to the people of proxscripts when they were developing the modified version of their script for MMH and they seemed honest to me. Bad coding doesn't mean scamming. I know for instance the “YourFreeWorld” scripts had bad (simple security) coding for years and everyone knows they are no scammers. Just recently they upgraded coding on their scripts to make it more secure. 

Talking about secure... People ask me about PIP MEGA if there's an issue there too maybe because of what happened in MMH. Well, I have been monitoring PM from the launch (in January) and I just love the script. It's very fast and very secure. We have ssl on it (secure data) plus Cloudflare business protection. We also have Seeks Admin on the server. They scan the server constantly to see if there are corrupted files or anything. Next to that we also have a brilliant programmer who's very much focused on security so if you ask me if PM is safe I would say a big yes. Still, you have to make your own decision whether to invest or not. If you read the thread at MMG you can see all is well there:

It's hard to say when MMH and FCM will be up and running again. We have a lot of work to do. First all the recoding has to be done in MMH. After that we have to do the corrections and then we have to implement the new security measures. 
Once we're done with MMH we can work on FCM. Possibly we have a lot more work there as there are much more members plus FCM been online for well over a year now (more records to check). 

Be patient with this. We always go for quality for our members. Ain't no use fixing something fast and later have to fix what you fixed because it's not correct.
Just keep an eye on your mailbox for updates on progress. Thanks.

Admin Mega Money Hybrid

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