Sunday, March 24, 2013 is Legit: Step by step Perfectmoney to Libertyreserve exchange is the best e-currency exchanger that I have for over a year already with over 63,000+ registered members. To use this program you need to verify your account with two (2) valid ID's by sending those information's to admin. This is to ensure that fraudulent accounts, fake, dummy, hacks accounts for payment processors cannot exchange if you are not a verified member.

Step by step how to exchange your Perfect Money to Liberty Reserve funds from this program or other processors.

1). Click NEW EXCHANGE then SELECT THE E-CURRENCY YOU WANT TO EXCHANGE. As much as possible, check if there is funds in their account before you start or else it will be a reserve transaction. After that click NEXT

2). Then you see blank E-CURRENCY (PERFECT MONEY to LIBERTY RESERVE ID), note: PM start with Uxxxxxx and LR - Uxxxxxx.
Select the YOU SEND then the amount you want to exchange, it will follow by NEXT button; click...

3). Next page will appear, set your SMS notification (free) by country and proper cellphone number. Click ACCEPT after all information is correct;

4). Then it will be redirected to your payment processor account, click MAKE PAYMENT;

5). Then, click CONFIRM PAYMENT;

6). Click CONTINUE, after that it will back to the program page for receipt;

The transaction is done...

Check your EXCHANGES HISTORY for the estimate/complete date for the transaction of your request.

My proof for all my transactions from this program:

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