Saturday, March 16, 2013

Unitedpaycheck is Paying: STP (Solidtrustpay) added for 5th payment processor

These are the following programs that I got paid today: proforexunion (2x), ad-solid (instant), felmina (2x-problem status), stravia, majesticrown (2x), malaysian-inc (21 seconds), megamoneyhybrid (4x), and sol-r (instant).

Unitedpaycheck added the 5th payment processor called STP (Solid Trust Pay) which very popular in other countries because it is easy to use and understand. This is the update news came from facebook page of the program:


Dear Affiliates,

Good News to all of you ! ! !

Solid Trust Pay (STP) has been added as the 5th Payment Processor in your Virtual Office.

You can now fund your E-Wallet with Solid Trust Pay and proceed to purchase AdPorts.

We are going step by step ahead and strengthening United Paycheck steadily but surely. In coming weeks you will hear more innovations and good news from our technical team.

We further reiterate our commitment of working harder for the betterment of our vast Affiliate community.

Warm Regards
United Paycheck

Few hours ago, facebook group both ismadsincome and ricanadfunds war between positive and negative members because of problem of pending withdrawals. Those HYIP players knows that both programs are in problem status because of over 3 days pending withdrawals. Both Russell and Richard admins posted again news update, we will see what will happen next month if both program back to normal.

written by Russell ISMmagic, March 15, 2013
We have loaded the new code for RAF and ismAI. 

Two issues have arisen 

1. Auto approval of purchases is not working, even though we have not changed it. We will look at this evening and fix as soon as possible. 

2. The ismRican e-wallet is switched off in RAF only. Again we will fix this evening.

Richard Cannon

I am getting back to work now that I feel a little better - please accept my apologies for being sick - it was not a good time - we are working on the site right now and doing all we can to get up to date - please remember that I never said we wouldn't have problems and issues I just said we would sort them out - thank you for your continued support, patience, understanding and for all the wishes and prayers that you sent :) Thank you :)


I got also an update news today both sol-r and axiominvestment, email received;

SOL-R Newsletter - Ticket System Launched and MaxiVote Contest Concluded!

Hi cyclesplushyips,

Hope everyone is doing well!

We have a couple exciting things to announce today.
We'll start with the launch of our support ticket system.

This has been long overdue but we have now implemented a support ticket system to improve our support even more.

From now on you can visit and click submit a ticket to request support. 

In addition, we have implemented a knowledgebase that we will be adding to with common questions. So please search for your question here before submitting a ticket. You can view this from the same link.

Now, onto our final winners of the Maxivote Contest!

Without further delay, here they are:
03/06/2013 - djaqib
03/07/2013 - zmvegh77
03/08/2013 - brainynetwork
03/09/2013 - richpinoyelite
03/10/2013 - mlugz98
03/11/2013 - sol34
03/12/2013 - allwynviegas
03/13/2013 - zappycat

Each of these winners has been awarded a bonus of $20.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone that participated.

Keep an eye out for our future newsletters for new and exciting news!


Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited team!

NEWS UPDATE: News Axiom Investing Group


Some important news:

1. Due to technical works on our site withdrawal March 16 will not be available from 21-00 to 09-00 London time.

2. For investors from Russia and Ukraine, a new payment system is connected - Sberbank. Details in a private office.

Best regards,
Axiom Investing Group

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